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LED advertising machine on the promotion of what are the advantages

by:Atop     2020-06-09
LED advertising machine on the promotion of what are the advantages of LED advertising machine is in recent years the rise of new high-tech products advertising media propaganda, it can play video, image recognition and touch screen control, realizes the man-machine interaction, thus able to attract the active participation of the audience one-on-one interactive communication, effectively improved the accuracy of the information push. Let's learn some advantage of LED advertising machine features: 1. LED advertising machine, anti-jamming is strong. Now LED advertising machine is widely used in shopping mall, when consumers enter the shopping mall or supermarket, their attention is not only on the goods shelves, will also be unique LED advertising media propaganda video. 2. LED advertising machine propaganda new form. This propaganda way is the shopping mall in the most fashion innovative forms of advertising, it does not need special staff beside the guards, consumers in the shopping mall can be directly led advertising machine operation, and can play their content of interest. 3, without modifying the advertising expenses. Compared with the ordinary forms of advertising before, for example, printing banners, advertising hoardings and so on form, once to change the contents of the advertisements have to cost a lot of manpower, now use LED advertising machine only need changes in the terminal equipment, does not need extra printing costs, and can change at any time. 5, LED advertising machine can effectively cooperate with TV advertisement publicity play: and it costs only need one percent of television advertising costs, can achieve the result of deepening television advertising. With television advertising content is consistent, in this important link sales terminals, continue to remind consumers to buy 6, LED advertising machine long advertising slots. It can be continued for a long time, 365 days a year beside the product propaganda, and without manual maintenance. 7, in addition, the service life of LED advertising machine has six or seven years, just buy a consecutive years of advertising, it is extremely low, the cost of a wide audience, high cost performance. LED advertising machine, therefore, the promotion of advantages mainly is easier on the advertised publicity, compared with the traditional advertising printing panel, its use of time is more long, more extensive propaganda form not only can display pictures can also play video and so on, these was made to make it now instead of printing in the era of advertising products and become one of the indispensable product media hype.
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