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Large OLED obvious advantages to size and highlands

by:Atop     2020-08-20
Recently, the Beijing Oriental, samsung announced its latest progress on the large size OLED display. As the high-end market in large size of OLED technology, the battlefield is increasingly fractious, represented by Beijing Oriental domestic panel makers, are for leverage Korea companies edge map. Boe release 55 inch OLED screens earlier this week, Beijing Oriental announced successfully developed China's first adopted 4 koled 55 inch screen of ink-jet printing technology, as the key technology breakthrough, boe is expected to break the Korean companies in the field of large size OLED dominate the landscape. Boe, ink-jet printing technology to produce the OLED screen can greatly improve the utilization of organic material, the above the boe display material utilization can reach 90%, at the same time also can effectively reduce the cost, to achieve better quality performance, especially in the field of large size OLED has the very good application prospect. It is reported that as early as 2012 boe launched 17 inches ink-jet printing OLED display, 30 inches in 2013 successfully developed the first piece of FHD ink-jet printing OLED display, launched in 2014, 14 inch QHD resolution inkjet printing OLED displays. In order to further promote the development of industry, indicate ( Beijing Oriental) Also in hefei to investing in print OLED technology platform. Samsung said to launch a QD - 2019 OLED, samsung TV monitor CEO Li Dongxun revealed, samsung TV display companies are working on a big size of quantum dots for TV OLED ( QD - OLED) Panel, goes well. Previously, there are media reports, the samsung TV is developing large quantum dots organic light emitting diode technology. In fact, samsung is small and medium size OLED market dominance, with ninety percent global share, but because of this screen USES is RGB ( Red, green and blue) - OLED technology route, so improve product yield in the field of large size OLED panel are difficult. It was also because of this, samsung once interrupt the research and development and manufacture of large OLED panel. This time, samsung has said, QD - OLED is large quantum dots organic light emitting technology, the OLED is combined with quantum dots, OLED effective light source can be used as activation of quantum dots, create saturation high color. QD - The advantage of OLED will have equal to the current OLED TV, including deeper black field. At the same time, the QD - OLED can also lead to higher brightness and a wider range of colour, may also reduce the production cost. It is important to note that samsung television is still in research and development based on microLED television product display technology, or in the next year, launching a 75 - inch 4 k microLED TV. Larger OLED obvious advantages in global supply tension called the OLED organic light-emitting diodes (oleds), organic light-emitting materials, core material is the basis of the flexible display technology. Flexible OLED is to realize the surface shows, and even the basis of flexible displays in the future. OLED organic shows spontaneous light characteristic, make its performance, color contrast, black field domain, the response speed, the viewing Angle compared with revolutionary LED LCD display that at present the mainstream market, as a new generation of OLED display technology, according to simple structure, material of environmental protection, and OLED display has the characteristics of flexible flexible, more convenient to transport and install, breakthrough the limitation of size, scale of postpartum are more likely to have the popularization of the low cost advantage. It is worth noting that compared to the small size used for OLED panel terminals such as mobile phones, large size the OLED panel production need to attack the problem more, it is because of that, at present, can truly realize the larger OLED panel production, and sales this type of panel has to machine enterprises only south Korean LG brand Display company LG Display ( Hereinafter referred to as 'the LGD') A, its use is W ( The white light) - OLED technology route, as well as the evaporation process. As the OLED TV or large commercial terminal sales, in this case, the large size OLED panel in fact has been in a serious shortage situation. The sources said, part of the Internet TV makers such as millet, even want to do OLED TV was hard to get a screen. Mr D cloud network vice President Dong Min is expected, as the consumption upgrade and demand diversification, by 2020, China's price of 8000 yuan or more high-end color TV market scale will reach 2. 8 million units, of which 2020 OLED TV sales in China will break through 1 million. Chinese panel makers to fight for future landscape and there is no doubt that the boe on the large size of OLED display panel technology breakthrough, leverage Korea in the map is of positive significance. It is reported, Beijing Oriental, huaxing photoelectric two Chinese show in their new 10 enterprises. Lines to five generations and 11 generation, are reserve the large size of OLED screen capacity, as the main body of large size LCD TV panel capacity extension and supplement, at the same time help to preempt the OLED TV high point in the future. Huaxing photoelectric based in shenzhen, this month, for example, the second generation of line 11, in addition to the production of 8 k LCD screen, still can produce 65, 75 - inch OLED screen. At the same time, huaxing photoelectric and TCL group, the parent company in guangzhou has set up a technology platform for the main printing shows 'poly uh guano electrical'. In the face of Chinese enterprises actively enterprising, LGD are actively develop their own advantage. Previously, LG Display a CMO lu DE President is revealed, a total investment of 6. 7 billion dollars of LGD guangzhou OLED production line to put into production in July next year, ahead of schedule, monthly production of up to 90000 copies.
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