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Know how much data said, LED encapsulation device market

by:Atop     2020-08-23
LED encapsulation is the middle link of semiconductor lighting industry chain, contact application market is most closely, it in the application of the product accounts for about 30% of the total cost. Because of encapsulation technology content and moderate investment threshold, thus became an important point of national semiconductor lighting industry, obtained the relatively rapid development, has become the most competitive areas. Industry output value from the point of view, 2016 annual output value reached 747 in the field of LED packaging in China. 9. 3 billion yuan, an increase of 21 from the 2015. 5%. At the same time, the size of LED packaging industry in China is expected to more than 2020 130 billion yuan, from 2016 to 2020 the average annual compound growth rate will be above 15%. In terms of the structure of packaging products, affected by the backlight and general illumination applications, medium power SMD ( SMT) And COB integrated packaging products with comprehensive cost advantage, get the favour of many downstream vendors, still keep growth trend, occupy the mainstream market. At present, the LED packaging market main competitive enterprises from three sides: the first camp day camp for Europe and the us started the earliest, technology in the world's leading, is actively strengthen the Chinese market layout, but the number is not much; In the second camp for South Korea and Taiwan, followed by Europe and the United States, leading the production scale, most has transferred to the domestic production capacity, with the domestic enterprise competition is most obvious; The third camp for domestic packaging companies, domestic technology level of rapid progress in recent years, some enterprises have also made big breakthrough, gradually to participate in the globalization competition, more and more influence in the global LED packaging industry. Our country is LED encapsulation powers. In recent years foreign LED packaging companies constantly transferred to mainland China. According to statistics, at present the number of more than 70% of the world LED device packaging focused on mainland China, in us, Taiwan, Hong Kong and our local and other kinds of packaging enterprises. According to the statistics about LED encapsulation of a certain scale enterprises in our country in 2000 or so, mainly concentrated in the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta, jiangxi, fujian and other regions. Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta is still the national LED packaging companies the most concentrated area, the total number of enterprises accounted for about 85% of the total national LED packaging companies. Heat market mainstream market continues to grow, niche market, market segmentation trend is obvious. Lighting area, low power LED across the market, a group that includes the whole and interior areas and six into outdoor areas. The farmer abortion still for SMD and COB. In the next few years the domestic market as a whole has remained high growth, and competition is intense, low-margin trend will remain. Demand for LED epitaxial wafer is expected in 2020, the lighting will be more than 50 million pieces. Backlight market is saturated in recent years, with the influence of OLED, basic stagnant growth. But as a high-end market, profit is higher, the early main for Taiwan enterprises, domestic manufacturers now had occupied the main market share. Epitaxial wafer is expected in 2020, a backlight market demand is about 15 million pieces. The rapid development of screen display market, small spacing, makes the LED display market continues to increase. Display LED the market demand in 2020 is expected to reach 5 million pieces, the size of the market is up to 15. 8 billion yuan. Niche market rise rapidly. Automotive LED, flashing light, plant lighting, cell phone has become each big enterprise key layout and area of concern. According to the CSA Research is expected, the several big demand of epitaxial wafer in the field of more than 4 million. In this paper, from: materials deep search LED for a time
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