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JiDiSi domestic AMOLED screen driver chip design completion localization and implement the application

by:Atop     2020-08-16
Securities times reported net on April 23, recently, performed by shenzhen JiDiSi company design, smic provides manufacturing homebred AMOLED screen driver chip B7 - base in chengdu AMOLED display application implementation in production line. The industry believes that as AMOLED technology become more mature, application more widely, AMOLED display industry's growing momentum. AMOLED used widely in our country, the industrial scale. But the chip core technology is still in the hands of foreign companies. Long-term since, our country AMOLED panel driver chip mainly rely on imports. JiDiSi localization of application of the chip, to break the foreign technology monopoly. The use of smart phones and other intelligent wear devices are expected to use the driver chip. Data shows, JiDiSi is a intelligent image processing chip research and development of science and technology, focusing on the development and application of image processing technology, independent research and development of smartphone AMOLED driver chip, is committed to meet the customers' requirements to provide cost-effective driver chips, as well as professional technical support and services. The securities times net
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