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Japan has developed thickness retractable LED display

by:Atop     2020-09-14
According to Japanese media reports, a professor at the university of Tokyo dye GuLongFu ( Electronic engineering) Such research team has successfully developed can slip attached with the thin LED display of the human body, is to use to fashion and health related fields. Trying to the team also made with the same attached with the sensor in the human body, to display the ecg curve of the film. Dye valley said: 'can also be used to replace smart phones and tablets to display information. Screen 1 mm thick. Because of scale, shows part of the video can be long to 3. 8 to 6. 4 cm, and the width is 5. 8 to 9. 6 cm, the maximum size of the business card. Stretching to extremely thin degree of rubber membrane with 384 small glowing red leds. Because after the fold processing, in 10000 after the experiment, the LED is not damaged, can display the video normal. The screen need to match the battery, big Japanese printing company plan to carry out research in common using the improvement of the miniaturization, hope three years later to tens of thousands of yen commercially available price. This article from: lighting headlines LED China net
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