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Introduction to the global top 10 during the first half of 2018 the latest Micro LED development

by:Atop     2020-08-01
By the second quarter of 2018, the industry has been more and more new things about Micro/Mini LED. Ledcax February collecting and sorting the world nearly 50 companies in the field of Micro LED the development of dynamic, after that we have from the latest progress of 10 companies, finishing as follows. Samsung ( South Korea) First is samsung, The company at CES 2018 released its Micro LED modular television 'The Wall'. We believe that this product will bring samsung from different areas and the company's cooperation opportunities, the industry will pay close attention to the TV when it will officially put on the market. It is reported that samsung will launch a new generation of Micro LED by the end of the TV. The company's chief designer, said the size of the new TV will be more than 88 inches, but gave no other details. Debut in January 146 - inch 'The Wall' by a lot of 9. 37 inches of Micro LED display modules, so you can according to the different use of the cinema or sitting room into the location of all sizes. About the TV using Micro LED chips, there have been rumors of Taiwan's technology companies to participate in the development of the chip. In addition, also many rumors circulated that samsung is negotiations with PlayNitride mergers or technical cooperation. 流明( South Korea) Like samsung, the south Korean company Lumens are displayed on the CES 2018 exhibition for Micro LED display, including two dimensions of large size of Micro LED display. 139 - inch digital billboard displays with ultra-high resolution ( UHD) And 0. The pixel spacing of 8 mm and 130 - inch screen resolution of 1920 x1080p ( FHD) , pixel spacing of 1. 5mm。 Two billboard display is used to 300 microns long, Micro LED 100 microns wide. Lumens also said it will also produce small size ( 0. 57 inches) Micro LED car head-up display ( 头, 显示) , the size is only 8 microns of LED chip. Wafer photoelectric ( China Taiwan) In the process of realizing Micro LED production, crystal electricity decided to smart phones and game for the first time in the third quarter of 2018 display manufacturers provide the Mini LED, for their production based on the Mini LED consumer electronics. If the rumor is true, mobile phone manufacturers huawei and millet will begin in the second quarter of cooperation with Taiwan company, Mini LED backlighting for their product development. The backlight module specifications will be determined before in June, and in the second half of the year go into mass production. Even if the Mini LED is regarded as a transitional technology, but it seems crystal electric plans to use it to compete with OLED, for Micro LED market development for some time and space. Group a ( China Taiwan) Taiwan innolux panel factory at CES 2018 launched a 10. 1 inch AM Mini LED car display. The panel AM Mini LED back light and flexible substrate together, let the car LCD monitor design flexibility can support a variety of sizes and shapes. Innolux is expected by the end of 2018 to commercialise the products, is currently with some of the major automobile manufacturers import the display. According to people familiar with the matter, the product of the production plan in 2020, the group of the details will be announced in June, more goods. 同分异构的半导体( Germany) ALLOS Semiconductors using flat 200 mm GaN - and no cracks 在- - - - - - Si wafer, emphasizing the indicates rate and uniformity of the wafer, let Micro LED higher performance-price ratio. In order to realize from the value of the wafer to the display of these advantages, ALLOS and multi-party cooperation, but no further comment. The company provides GaN - 200 mm 在- - - - - - Si wafer Micro LED technology, its less than 1 nm wavelength uniformity. ALLOS, said its 2 e8 TDD crystal can make produce LED performance and quality for sapphire substrate to produce as well. For the transfer of a specific size, large diameter GaN on - Si processing power is cheaper, substrate removal easier, available chip area is higher, so the cost is lower. Ledcax asked the chief executive of ALLOS future if it is possible to reach 300 millimeter, he replied: of course, we are very confident to become the first display can immediately put into production of GaN - 300 mm 在- - - - - - Si wafer LED company, the cost of its benefits will be enormous. JBD ( Hong Kong, China) Young startup the JBD announced at the end of 2017 wafer level monolithic mixed materials integration technology. According to the JBD, which can avoid the flip chip technology will encounter bottlenecks. The JBD lei will Micro LED wafer with IC wafer, then remove the Micro LED growth substrate, the process achieved ChanLeiJing layer transfer ( Does not include the substrate) , the Micro LED epitaxial with corresponding silicon IC wafer integration. In early 2018, the JBD shows red, green and blue initiative to drive Micro LED display, the display size is 12. 8 mm long, 9. 6 mm wide, for 2 - by size Micro LED 3 microns. In early 2019, the company will launch more finer specifications of Micro LED display, spacing dimension will shrink to 2. 5 microns, the size of each pixel is only 1. 5 - 1. 7 microns, the resolution will increase to 10000 ppi. VueReal( Canada) VueReal announced its $10. 5 million in March. A round of funding.
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