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Introduction to the attention of the outdoor LED display installation points

by:Atop     2020-06-13
With the popularization application of LED display, LED full-color displays and LED large screen LED display products but also the diversified development of the people greatly add to the colorful world, now the LED display is the popularity of the application in all walks of life, both on campus and the station or a square, and so on, LED display brings to people's visual effect is added vigor and vitality, especially in outdoor LED display. However, in the actual application of outdoor LED display, outdoor LED display installation, has become the focus of attention, so the attention of the outdoor LED display installation point what? 1, pay attention to construction and screen lightning protection: to display avoid strong caused by lightning electromagnetic attacks, display screen and outside packaging protective grounding must be kept, and the resistance of the grounding line should be less than 3, so that we can make caused by thunder current can be timely from ground line. 2, the entire screen of waterproof and dustproof moistureproof problem: in the box and junction box, and screen the mechanical installation object attaches to achieve seamless connection, avoid water be affected with damp be affected with damp. In the interior of the screen to have good drainage and ventilation measures, if internal appeared the situation of the water can get timely treatment. 3, circuit chip selection problem: northeast region in China, the winter air temperature in the generally can reach to ten below zero, so in choosing a circuit chip, must choose working temperature at minus 40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius degrees of industrial-grade chip, avoid caused by low temperature display won't start. 4, screen body internal to ventilation problem: screen when the power will produce a certain quantity of heat, if this heat is not discharge, accumulated to a certain extent, can cause internal environment temperature is too high, affect the work of integrated circuits, serious can lead to burning, this display can't run. Therefore, we must prepare the screen body internal ventilation cooling measures, the temperature of the internal environment in a negative between 10 to 40 degrees.
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