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Introduction to process of LED display for those 'fishy'

by:Atop     2020-08-12
Domestic LED display company is keen on overseas trade in the past, but in recent years, some overseas markets primarily display companies have been 'return' the domestic market. LED display in the process of enterprise development, China has received strong support from the national policy, the domestic huge market and provide a broad development space for the enterprise, so the LED display industry got very fast development. Our industry in the process of rapid development, however, there have been many problems, it left behind potential dangers for the sustainable development of the follow-up. One of the most significant problem is 'the lowest bid'. Objectively said, 'the lowest bid' is not a specific industry, but each big industry common problem, and not by the enterprise itself will can reverse the problem. Although 'the lowest bid' by enterprises, but because it is 'natural' product under the current business environment, lead to enterprise know more harm than good, but can only crustily skin of head. Because of low price again, will be someone to do it, you don't do is no chance. However, the harm of 'the lowest bid' is very large, it will encourage enterprises shoddy, led to the decrease of the quality of the products and engineering construction, the result is superior to eliminating the victory of the season. In practice, often appear in price is far lower than the cost price. In this case, easy to cause enterprises to cut corners, to sow the safe hidden trouble. A penny a points goods, involving higher physical products such as LED display, often involved in the bidding process amount is larger, in front of the 'lowest price', often by hook or by crook, involved the hidden costs of ( Such as public relations costs) Is very high. Moreover, many LED display project is tender as the main body of government departments, the in the process of bidding, in front of the local economic protectionism, may also exist problems, such as 'control standard' has certain exclusive bidding process. As a result, the enterprises have struggled, and finally even get project, for the profitable only 'shoddy'. In many cases, a project to do, become a loss-leader to buy and sell. In the market environment of 'the lowest bid', forged by LED display many of the projects, it is hard to guarantee its quality. LED display early did a lot of projects, produce all kinds of quality problems, then LED directly to the customer's trust in the LED display crisis. Have you noticed that in recent years in major cities across the country, in the process of cleaning outdoor advertising LED display almost always doomed? Visible, the lowest bid is extremely unfavorable to the development of LED display. It not only increase the burden of enterprises, reduce the profit space, more seriously, contained the innovation ability of the enterprise greatly. Then we display enterprise how to deal with? I think, to change the current in the LED display industry of the business environment, is the work of top-down. The legal basis that 'the lowest bid' bidding law '. China's bidding law 'regulation, one of the winning bidder bidding shall meet the following conditions:' ( A) To maximize meet all comprehensive evaluation criteria specified in the tender documents; ( 2) Can satisfy the requirement of the tender documents material, and through the review of the lowest bid price, But unless the bid price below cost. 'It shows that the implementation of the evaluation method is not the only, but in practice is formed by the' lowest price 'the only element, it shows that we are in the process of execution flaws, quality control, market does not reach the designated position, this is also the cause of' the lowest bid 'is popular. Although from tender to bid, from construction to completion, quality and safety supervision system in our country is an all-round coverage. But there are some fake products can 'streamlined', which often associated with low enforcement is lax or penalties. Some problems of the indemnification bidding, the bidding many times into table type, camera obscura operation damage the fairness of the market. Somebody thinks, want to change this situation, we first need to perfect our laws and regulations, as well as industry cost price system, to prevent malicious low bid; Finally, establish credit system, improve the faithless punishment mechanism. As the LED display, we in addition to the value profit, but also pay attention to social responsibility, only in this way, perhaps to fundamentally solve the plight of 'the lowest bid'. It should be pointed out that, Rome is not build in a day, for the problems of the industry, we need to quickly improve in a short time is unrealistic. Period, however, as long as our companies can work together, for those bad habits which restrict the development of the industry, industry can consciously to resist, joint efforts to maintain a fair market environment, the future we LED display industry will be steady and healthy development. This article from: search search LED LED net
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