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Introduction to our country LED epitaxy chip market profile

by:Atop     2020-08-12
With the rapid development of LED industry in our country, our country LED epitaxy chip industry has made significant growth. Between 2006 and 2017, output growth more than 10 times average annual compound growth rate of more than 30%. ( A) Industry in 2017, our country link of chip output value reached 23. 2 billion yuan, the year basic balance between supply and demand, sometimes appear in short supply, which yields a 20% growth in 2016 ~ 25%, and overall price increased by 5% ~ 7% from a year earlier. Upstream is expected in 2020 China's LED industry will exceed 30 billion yuan. ( 2) Product structure in our country LED epitaxial upstream chip products are mainly divided into blue, green and red yellow chip, plus a small amount of uv and other chip. Four yuan is red and yellow light is mainly used in displays, consumer electronics, home appliances, lights, car decoration and landscape, and other fields, because of the four component system is comparatively mature technology of products, application market and development of more mature, in the past two years, with the rapid rise of LED display and application in agriculture poultry breeding, red yellow market capacity in the stage of rapid growth. GaN chip has more obvious advantages in the field of display and lighting applications, in addition to general lighting, landscape lighting and the display market to promote obviously, GaN chip production has maintained rapid growth momentum, in the whole chip market proportion also unceasingly to promote. Look from the chip type at present, the domestic chip GaN blue green chip production accounted for more than 80%, and the four component system is given priority to with InGaAlP base chip chip production accounted for about 15%, GaAs and other substrate than only about 5% of the chip. In addition, uv, ir, etc in the past two years become attention hot spot. 2017 chip product composition in terms of the structure of the application in our country, many domestic enterprises technology and product performance is rapidly increasing. Chip companies domestic product is not only a wide range of small and medium-sized power applied to indoor lighting, outdoor power, backlight, display, automobile lighting areas have begun to gain a foothold, among them, three Ann, HuaCan, bdo enterprises are actively to the LED display, automotive lighting, uv applications, such as agricultural lighting market breakthrough. Now LED chips in mobile phones, landscape decoration, display, NB backlit, Monitor backlight is ripe, the applications of slower growth market space. TV backlight permeability permeability have been saturated by the end of 2016, after the growth of the space will be gradually narrowed, market leading role is limited. Driving force of the future of LED chip industry still mainly come from the lighting applications, the market has been fully launched general lighting application, animating the whole LED chip industry into the next round of rapid growth, LED intelligent lighting, network promotion, new display the acceleration of the market, becomes the new increase in the LED industry the main driving force. ( 3) MOCVD reserves and distribution according to CSA Research statistics, by the end of 2017, the number of MOCVD equipment in our country have more than 1700 units, 2017 domestic epitaxy chip month supply of more than 10 million pieces ( 2 inches) 。 From global LED supply area, China now has the world's most MOCVD machines, research institutions DIGITIMES data show that by 2017, China LED epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturers account for more than 50% of global production capacity, with the release of production capacity, market share of Chinese manufacturers will continue to improve, the future supply will exceed Japan and Taiwan. From the enterprise level, the MOCVD equipment further concentrated to large enterprises, about 15% of the domestic enterprises installed more than 50 Taiwan, 18% of companies in 20 - installed quantity Between 50 sets. In 2017, according to CSA Research data upstream top 10 enterprises accounted for 82% capacity, especially in the first three big business expansion makes the upstream concentration significantly increased in 2017. In 2017, our country enterprise MOCVD ownership distribution ( 4) Competition rapidly catch up with the mainland manufacturers, America, Japan, South Korea contraction, Taiwan's production as a whole, as the European Union, the United States, Japan and South Korea enterprise in the field of LED in the past two years were showing contraction strategy. Europe and the United States and Japan chip production has less, mainly from Taiwan and mainland area foundry, but technically still lead the global business development. Europe and the United States and Japan is a traditional epitaxy chip industry strong area, Nichia, Toyoda Gosei, Cree, Philips Lumileds and leading technology, abundant funds of representative manufacturers such as Osram is still dominate the global market, leading the development of industry technology, but from the point of production scale, has been lower than the mainland enterprises. Through the integration of mergers and acquisitions over the past two years, three Ann photoelectric, HuaCan photoelectric, bdo embellish of domestic leading enterprise scale expanding rapidly. With the technology of the LED chip factory ascending and releasing capacity, its share of global LED chip output by 36% in 2014, the proportion of up to 43% in 2016. China packaging manufacturers improve the proportion of domestic chip, the price is competitive, the future China manufacturer in the global market share gradually increase. Domestic competition pattern shape, size as the most important competitive factors of industry reshuffle, polarization, epitaxy chip companies reduced to 20, competition regression rational. In the past few years, due to the LED chip industry massive investment in new capacity release prices fell sharply. 2013 domestic engaged in LED epitaxy chip production enterprise for more than 60 ( Has the MOCVD) , and by 2017 less than 20 large-scale production LED epitaxy chip enterprises, combined with European and American companies exit, contraction, Japan and South Korea, Taiwan production, industry competition began to return to rational, market supply and demand is improving, has formed a relatively stable market supply situation. Size of key elements to the competition industry competition.
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