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Interpretation of wisdom the reasons behind the rapid development of street lamp, LED lamp post screen

by:Atop     2020-08-26
Automobil LED screen net reported on November 14, wisdom city obviously become after the Internet and a billionaire tuyere, faced with such a strong developing trend, each big business enterprise of LED screen more on wisdom city solutions for product development and investment. But surprisingly, the most rapid momentum in addition to LED display screen hotspot in fields such as small spacing, the LED light pole screen conveniently also become the focus, has attracted companies scramble to layout. Then, LED light pole screen how outstanding place, can preempt the pioneer in wisdom city boom? Intelligent street lamp important components - — LED street light pole screen - — As one of the major public facilities of the people's livelihood of urban construction, relative to other public facilities, play important role in the wisdom of city construction. And with the wisdom derived by city LED display light pole, is a street lamp as the carrier, in combination with WiFi Internet technology, Internet of things technology, electric power carrier sensing technology, a practice of wisdom city construction, the main applications include street lamp integrated management center, wisdom lighting management system, video monitoring system, WiFi coverage system, intelligent sensor and release system, emergency alarm system, charging system, users can choose according to actual demand of different application subsystems are combined. Wisdom of LED lamp post screen as a form of digital signage, wisdom LED lighting panel is remote voice intercom, remote interactive video, face recognition, WIFI, weather environment monitoring, remote control functions such as cluster, and show a very 'smart' effect, can present a full outdoor highlighted an excellent experience, high-definition effect. Intelligent LED light pole, on the other hand, screen on the installation and convenient than the conventional display many, just light pole auxiliary can, without too much effort, coupled with intelligent LED light pole screen has the characteristics of synchronous receive, broadcast, so the road guidance and traffic real-time, information release, advertisement has natural advantage, after-sales service is also very simple. Therefore, the LED light pole screen as wisdom is an important part of a street lamp, is in the indispensable important part of wisdom urban construction. Close the door quality is to promote urban development and wisdom from the above analysis shows that the LED light pole screen product advantage is obvious, in the process of wisdom city construction also can really play a bigger role in promoting. But with the increasing market demand, more and more enterprises begin to layout the LED lamp post screen this niche, intensifying the market competition pressure, lead to serious product homogeneity, low price competition and other malignant phenomenon began to emerge. For enterprises who have foresight, the line of sight in the more distant places. Today pure price advantage is strong enough to support independent brand stable market share, enhance the quality of brightness LED lighting panel products differentiation into competition may have a better chance, therefore, enterprises should consider how to realize products 'conversion from quantitative change to qualitative change'. Wisdom, on the other hand, the construction of the city, but also for the development of LED display provides a powerful technical support. As in wisdom city LED by emerging technology matures, such as 3 d and VR accommodation with LED display can be realized more likely show effect, for wisdom city to provide a more comprehensive, accurate and efficient management, applications and services. Now, intelligent LED lighting panel products has been set up in every corner of the city, make the lighter, more energy efficient, more intelligent, more beautiful, more advantage of market development of products has become the major LED enterprise development goals, with quality and innovation leading wisdom a new urban development, in order to speed up the development of China's cities wisdom city display system has made a contribution. Automobil LED screen mesh
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