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Intelligent LED products to mature

by:Atop     2020-06-26

In recent years, China's LED industry is developing rapidly, the scale expands unceasingly. More and more companies began to dabble in the LED industry, industry more competitive. In order to be able to earned his place in the cruel market competition, the business is struggling. But in a country like China to price to win the market atmosphere of the world, the end of the price war is inevitable. About LED intelligent control of price cut space, at least a third to a half of the price cut space. While the LED industry 10% price cut space will be fundamental to the end, if the price can also have a breakthrough, unless materials and technology have a larger breakthrough. Smart move light there is certainly room price, down the line is to achieve civil acceptance to popularize, to civil is the destination. In the near future, intelligent control will be LED industry development inevitable trend, the development of intelligent control is the basic requirement of human nature, make the person can be simple and convenient manipulation, has a good user experience. At the same time, it also requires to compatible with traditional way of each other. And the most important is the price. At present, the intelligent dimmer in the early stage of development, still relatively not high performance-price ratio. But the LED manufacturing enterprises not only pursues the price advantage, more should pay attention to product quality. As things stand, the price of LED products in our country has been reduced greatly, the next will be entered into the phase of integration. And the development direction of intelligent dimmer is low power consumption, product temperature resistance is higher, more energy efficient, can only meet the requirement of market development, to do better and better. However, although the market is doing the bigger the better, but we cannot do market mixed up. At present, although has LED market in China, but industry threshold is very low, don't sink into, it is important to rational investment. In the future, China's LED industry will continue to mature, but the process is hard. When the industry by began to burst to mature slowly, the number of competitors will be less, the price war is inevitable in the process, only if the industry development to mature relatively stable prices and profits would exist, rational face the price war is necessary                                

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