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Institute of wuhan optoelectronic industry technology photoelectric innovation park officially ready

by:Atop     2020-08-07
On July 28, institute of wuhan optoelectronic industry technology photoelectric innovation park officially ready. Photoelectric innovation park is by the institute of wuhan optoelectronic industry technology co. , LTD. , build the innovation of the carrier, including scientific research, production and supporting facilities, office and the production demand, mainly for small and medium enterprises to healthy photoelectron, energy photoelectron, optoelectronic information photoelectron and industry and other fields is given priority to, provide enterprises with including 'the gen space - The incubator - Accelerator - The innovation of the industrial park business services. ( Photo: China optical valley) At the scene of the opening ceremony, the special optical fiber, flexible display materials, intelligent driving assistant system, optical imaging, cloud data processing platform, panel cutting laser equipment and so on ten projects signed a contract with light electrical engineering institute. In addition, the laser technology co. , LTD. , wuhan wuhan grow in MaiDeXin materials technology co. , LTD. , wuhan as intelligent technology co. , LTD. , etc. 8 companies becomes the first intention of photoelectric innovation park located enterprises. Technology co. , LTD. , wuhan in MaiDeXin material levels note in the r&d and production of electronic and optical polyimide products. Has an independent research and development base and three production bases, 863 independent research and development base for Ministry of Science and Technology plan, master the monomer synthesis and polymerization process, film manufacturing core technology; Wuhan production base has been built for hundreds, thousands of production workshop 600 square meters, used in flexible OLED display with PI liquid production, annual production capacity of 300 tons; Fuxin production base with the factory covers an area of 60 acres, proposed four production workshop, covering an area of 15000 square meters; Has built two plants, covers an area of 5000 square meters, can accommodate four optical thin film production line, annual production capacity of 400 tons; Can be equipped with eight production lines, after the completion of the comprehensive will reach an annual production capacity of 800 tons; Dongying joint venture production base owns domestic 4 PI film production lines, annual production capacity of 200 tons, has been the custom import optical PI film production line, a set of investment of 1. 500 million yuan, annual production capacity of 200 tons, 5 production lines to reach annual production capacity of 400 tons. As smart is a focus on intelligent driving technology research and development and application of artificial intelligence in enterprise. Now, standing intelligence not only in the field of front loading with several factories to establish relations of cooperation, to create the future of intelligent driving and traffic way, also for logistics team, operating car insurance, such as intelligent bus introduced based on the ADAS active safety industry solutions. Set piconets set piconets
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