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Innovation is the key to the development of LED display enterprises

by:Atop     2020-03-16

'China's economic development to this stage now, innovation has is a must to survive. 'Economists, said zhou. Innovation is an eternal topic of the LED industry, the industry bosses or young enterprise will relish. Management guru Peter drucker once said, innovation is the entrepreneur 'props', is a kind of method will change into opportunities, then as a system integration into a can learn, you can practice. Since entering 2017, obviously feeling LED display industry transformation and upgrading of speed, especially in a new round of terminal upgrade to stimulate consumer demand, the LED display industry innovation contest, however, in the face of changing market user requirements, some LED display enterprise gradually found that technology innovation is unbounded forever, in the face of rapid change user demand, LED display enterprise technology innovation and business innovation can keep up with? Especially in the field of current popular intelligent LED display products, all the LED display firms are facing this a series of questions and choices: how to transform and upgrade to the high-end industry and market? Intelligent, creative new product whether users the most pressing needs, can lead the consumption upgrading trend in this round? In recent years the development of the intelligent LED display industry fast important bottleneck, widely will be directed at 'industry standards', bring different LED display products, facilities and other related industries between intelligent terminal is not synergy, incompatible, eventually lead to 'smart' industry status quo. Under this form, industry experts, industry associations not only called for accelerating the pace of the establishment of standard system, it also released a signal: the standardization work is imminent, this isn't just break the barrier of the industry, the standardization of industry development, more important is really meet user needs. Must want to see, any industry standards, all need a process of gradually improve, even need a continuous working time. In this context, intelligent LED display related enterprises in promoting the transformation process, cannot choose to wait for standard come on stage, but should actively participate in and to 'smart', 'big data platform' and so on engineering construction, from the perspective of user needs and experience, the real constructing reversed transmission mechanism of market and the market forces. Since 2016, started toward high-end LED display industry transformation of industrial structure transformation, and actively advocate 'spirit', using 'smart' made, let the LED display products from 'made in China' turned to 'made in China quality' and 'wisdom made in China'. With the speeding up of the wisdom urban construction, the intelligent LED display will be a high-end LED display industry transformation, and the key to new profit space to develop, to the requirements of the product's quality will be higher, LED companies want to grab a piece of cake in this new field, you must change the backward traditional manufacturing concept and method. On the other hand, from the perspective of the future development of intelligent LED display development will be the trend of The Times. In July this year, the State Council issued the new generation of artificial intelligence development planning ', in 2030, our country was proposed and a new generation of artificial intelligence development guiding ideology, strategic objectives, major tasks and safeguard measures, deployment build first-mover advantage of the development of artificial intelligence, speed up the construction of an innovative country and the world science and technology powerhouse. Visible, the artificial intelligence development has not a spontaneous behavior of the company, but by the state intervention, to rise to the height of a kind of national strategic development. Under this trend, LED companies must be in the intelligent technology, product innovation 'tolerance for solitude', constantly optimize, improve the technology and products, in order to have the opportunity to lead a new round of market products to upgrade.                                

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