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In 2018, the development trend of the LED chip industry

by:Atop     2020-09-06
Since 2016, LED industry is in rapid development stage, in 2018, and a new pattern. Throughout the entire LED industry, we can see that the LED chip is a high margin part of the LED industry field. Domestic major expansion has LED chip companies successively, the domestic LED chip will be the problem of excess production capacity, the chip price will be turned down, foreign expansion has LED chip companies tend to be more cautious, supply growth is limited, China LED chip plant in Australia the shun cheong, HuaCan photoelectric, three Ann photoelectric etc. With the support of local government policy, rely on capital, scale expansion has advantages such as active, the global LED chip production capacity gradually transfer to mainland China. 2018 LED chip the size of the market in 2016 by the LED chip giant wafer photoelectric shut down 25% of blue chip production capacity, the LED chip supply and demand change, the LED chip industry began to rebound in the second half of 2016, with the outbreak of the small spacing LED the market in 2017 and LED chips encapsulation downstream the expansion of the industry, lead to the LED chip supply still has certain gap, China LED chip companies grain rate nearly 100%, China LED chip production scale maintained rapid growth. In 2017, according to China's LED chip ( Do not include Taiwan, hereinafter the same) Industry output size reached 18. 8 billion yuan, the growth of 29 in 2016. 40% and 7% of the global LED chip production; China MOCVD ownership of more than 1600 units, 246 sets of annual net increase, the LED chip production capacity more than 54% of the world. MOCVD machine is used in China in 2018 is expected to continue to increase 288 units, 2200 units, with domestic major expansion has LED chip companies successively, the domestic LED chip will be the problem of excess production capacity, the chip price will be turned down, the domestic LED chip production scale will slow its growth, is expected in 2018 China LED chip output will reach 22. 5 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 19. Production capacity of 7%, the market in the first three companies accounted for 47. 8%. China in the global LED chip market share gradually increase the LED chip prices gradually reduced after years of development, the price of the LED chip is through the ascension of the photosynthetic efficiency to reduce. Chip production costs are variable cost and fixed cost, variable cost including source and substrate, metal organic reaction gas accounts for about 65%, fixed costs including depreciation and other accounts for about 35%. Vendor technology promotion lead to improvements in LED lighting, per unit area on the epitaxial wafer cutting chip number, chip costs down, chip prices also dropped year by year. Pattern change LED chip industry statistics show that in 2016 China LED chip industry market size of more than 14. 5 billion yuan, the year-on-year growth of 11. 54%, the second half of 2016 to 2017 prices stopped falling and rising steadily. As mainland China manufacturers production capacity has increased, as well as the technical gap with Taiwan is more and more small, the advantages of the price, delivery, rapid response to market show, 2008 - 2016 LED chip GuoChanLv increased from 50% to 80%, at 10. 6 billion yuan, import is 3. 3 billion yuan. Due to the price advantage in mainland chip manufacturers, export ratio also increased, export rate of 8 2015. 1% in 2016 and is up to 9. 6%. The global top ten manufacturer's market share, up from $2010 in 66. 1% to $2017 in 85. 3%. Mainland LED chip production capacity to concentrate in three Ann photoelectric, HuaCan photoelectric bibcock, osram still have expansion plan, foreign manufacturers, in addition to other manufacturers are not a large amount of expansion plan, most Chinese chipmakers have weak expansion, gradually withdrew from the competition capacity. Trillion chi while there are new projects of LED chip, the short-term impact of the market is still very limited. Continental fab concentration increase is expected in 2018 three Ann photoelectric, HuaCan photoelectric and Macao ocean shun cheong three companies will account for 71% of the mainland LED chip production capacity. LED chip industry development trend in recent years, because our country government policy support and enterprise r&d capital intensive investment, and with a lot in Taiwan and South Korea LED industry technical experts and team to join the local companies, domestic LED epitaxy chips, the average technical level has achieved great development of the enterprise, has reached the international advanced level. Reduce the denotation, chip cost is very important to promote the LED application. In recent years, researchers from the new technology, new structure and new technology, through technical innovation, denotation, chip to decrease the cost of production. White LED packaging costs will fall from $25 / KLM 2009 0 to 2020. The ultimate goal of $7 / KLM, LED cost is zero. $5 / KLM, the cost reduction of over 30% per year on average. In addition to the luminous efficiency and unit cost, in the field of LED display, back light, such as application, droop, brightness of the LED chip, color consistency and antistatic ability and the key technical indicators of LED applications. Although several large manufacturers alone expansion rate, however, the extent of the overall production capacity expansion are relatively limited ( 145%) , and then considering the red bull to Veeco, micro A7 and part of the R6 Axitron big cavity after new machines became a major models, K465i, CRUIS2 exit the market gradually and the earlier models, the overall market supply more concentrated, productivity growth is lower than expected.
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