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In 2018, LED display manufacturers new way out of the mire

by:Atop     2020-09-06
In recent years, the volatility of the LED display industry, shock, and to change, all enterprises in essence is only one: the purpose of through technical innovation and product quality as well as the service level and so on all aspects of ascension, to achieve industrial upgrading transformation, so that the whole industry thoroughly get rid of the low price competition. From the point of view of the recent industry market trends, although raw materials rise in price in the whole manufacturing environment, a lot of screen recently blocked the development of enterprises, but also further indicate the LED display manufacturer in 2018 a new way out of the mire. That is, on one hand to the LED display technology and the function of the product innovation, and around the needs of users, from many Angle such as hardware, software, content and services, to provide more differentiated products and services; Another hand to grasp the structural upgrade of new display technology, whether it is a small spacing, transparent screens, or Micro LED, all want to open layout and build quality the new engine of growth, formation of scale and the profits of the concert. Small spacing in power, differentiation is still the key for the LED display market competition in 2018, there is no doubt that a small spacing is still the main force. Also, the LED screen play in enterprises, the focus should be on the small spacing market differentiation innovation brand. In 2017, in the whole LED display PCB plank raw materials prices continue to rise in the process, a lot of the lack of raw materials manufacturer in the winter. Especially in the early 2018 industry Abby and strong color and big enterprise and then hit the 'cooperation', one side is the upstream raw materials, costs continue to rise, on the other side is the end product prices continue to fall, constantly through the bottom line. These differences show that the current LED display industry, the market has to mature competition, in the face of the upstream raw materials supply shocks and volatility, based on the difference of the display technology innovation, has the extremely important market for screen companies pull function. At the same time, should also be aware of, the following LED companies want to under the globalization of competition in the market to accelerate the industrial environment, the brand is the only way, also do not have these two hard screen are also difficult to survive conditions: a no differentiation of product innovation and technical ability; 2 no mature system of supply chain, waiting for they will be more harsh winter. New technology progress is slow, the product technology combined with demand although small spacing in the short term market sustainable vitality, this does not mean that screen companies can give up on the layout of the new display technology and investment. In fact, in recent years, the market there is Micro LED and COB encapsulation, Mini LED a variety of new technology. This situation shows that LED display technology innovation into the 'active', most of these new display technology is not yet stable, of course, market is still in development in a battle, far from the final verdict, the final stage. Therefore, on the attitude towards the new display technology, all screen companies should be in an open, inclusive, to participate in the state of mind. Must be aware that in the LED display industry transformation and upgrading of the critical period, any wrong choice or missed opportunities will delay enterprise for a year, even three years of market competition ability and performance. In the past few years, a lot of screen companies in dealing with LED display and new technology, replaced the traditional competition in the era of 'one-sided bet on', take the vicious competition, and even the behavior of the fight, and gradually realize the product, the direction of technological innovation in the end, the best option is not in the hands, nor techno-enabled, but depends on the user demand on the market, as well as the best cost performance. Under this trend, of course, the future market of LED display distributor, obviously also need to find the direction of their location, away from those tossed about brand; At the same time, both in terms of market management to the appropriate product to cover the scale expansion of professional niche product innovation; And the most important thing is, the industry competition is to 'live' or 'going well', do not blindly 'bet' cannot make more vicious competition means, to user-oriented detonated battle experience. This article from: China network LED China network security exhibition
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