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Improve the urban competitiveness of Shanghai to develop the first batch of OLED flexible mobile phone screen

by:Atop     2020-08-09
As an upgraded version of the smartphone, appearance and function more cool the flexible screen, folding screen, crimp screen mobile phone, is expected to use the development and production of flexible AMOLED display in Shanghai. The morning of July 2, the development and production of the first 5 in Shanghai. 5 inches full hd fixed surface flexible AMOLED mobile phone screen, and glow in jinshan electric issue of plant for the production goods, breaking the foreign companies such as samsung technology monopoly on the project. At the same time, and glow electricity generation 6 AMOLED display project production equipment also entered a stage of installation and debugging, plans to put into trial production in early 2019. Reporters on the scene saw, compared with the ordinary mobile phone screen, the amount of output of goods AMOLED mobile screen on both sides, linking to the following from the present obvious flexible curved surface. Shenzhen cool taifeng has this product import its products system, two months later can buy in the market. And fai radio and television department officials told reporters that at present the mainstream models on market basically with two screens, one is a LCD, is often said that the LCD panel; Another is the AMOLED screen, such as apple is AMOLED screen for X. And glow electric deputy general manager, chief technology officer, says Dr Johnny, compared with the LCD screen, the production of 5 in Shanghai. 5 inches full hd fixed surface flexible AMOLED phone screen brightness of 400 nits, saves 40% electricity than LCD, color expressive force is 1 of the LCD. 5 times, bright look more realistic, product life of up to 8000 hours. 'Carefully compare can also found that the thickness and the weight of the AMOLED screen is about 40% less than the LCD screen. During the period of 'as' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in 'major projects in Shanghai, Shanghai key projects and 2016 - strategic emerging industries 2018 annual major construction projects in Shanghai, with a total investment of up to 272. 7. 8 billion yuan and glow of electricity generation AMOLED production line project (6 Also called and glow electric phase ii project) Construction began on December 9, 2016, the project built by the subject plant a total construction area of about 390000 square meters, with clean workshop area about 320000 square meters. This is Shanghai's largest ever purification workshop, trial production at the beginning of 2019, a month can produce 30000 piece of glass substrate ( 1500毫米×1850毫米) If all cut to 5. 5 'flexible AMOLED mobile phone screen, can produce 8 million mobile phone screen ( According to the 100% cutting rate estimate) 。 'Flexible AMOLED mobile phone screen to realize mass production in Shanghai, from a strategic sense, broke the South Korea's samsung and other monopoly on flexible AMOLED display technology. 'A industry experts told surging news reporter, after the flexible AMOLED display project, South Korea's samsung is a dominant, domestic mainstream models such as OPPO, VIVO with samsung, a comprehensive screen cost up to $60, and often can't timely supply. And glow electric and domestic several production lines after the horse, broke the monopoly, so to speak, for domestic handset manufacturers don't have to be South Korea 'strangled neck,' nature has advantage in price and supply negotiations, so do the choice of mobile phone customers. The reporter understands from the city by the letter appoint, AMOLED display technology as alternative liquid crystal display technology, which can be widely used in smart phones, TV, laptop, tablet, wearable devices, field of VR, the size of the market will continue to increase. In 2021, according to research institutions IHS forecast global AMOLED capacity will be 2016 in 300 million to 1. 7 billion, the size of the market will reach $75 billion, huge market space in the future. Experts said the full hd fixed surface flexible AMOLED phone screen quantity output goods in Shanghai, implements the flexible display local domestic independent production, to further enhance the level of Shanghai's new display technology of industrial clusters, promote the development of future new display industry is of great significance. Reporter learned that, to adapt to market development, and glow electric will focus on research and development of flexible AMOLED screen, high resolution AMOLED display screen, comprehensive and on-board display projects, follow-up will be more flexible screen released in this year, in the higher technical difficulties of OLED folding screen, curly screen, are also in-depth cooperation with terminal manufacturers, to realize the application of mass production as soon as possible. This article from: sina China LED net
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