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Imperial college to develop new types of OLED, can bypass anti glare filters

by:Atop     2020-08-20
July 8, more than Britain, of imperial college London team of researchers have developed a new type OLED ( Organic light emitting diode) Polarization, can let the light in order to bypass the anti glare filters. According to the Phys. Dr Org, researcher Jess Wade said: 'our research shows that for the first time by changing our OLED formula, we can generate high polarization of the OLED. These findings can make all kinds of screen brighter, contrast ratio is higher, longer life. 'In the current battery technology is always unable to break through the bottleneck, digital manufacturers have been looking for ways to improve equipment utilization of battery. Recent British researchers have made significant breakthrough in the field of polarized light, is expected to be for smartphones - the most power-hungry parts - Screen provides a better solution. As is known to all, longer battery life is the most simple way is to reduce the screen brightness, this is because if the screen clear and bright effect need to consume more energy to emit light. Smart phone screen, and many other types of filter can reduce the effect of glare from an external light source. Credit: Imperial College London, these anti glare filters that displays the contents of the more visible, but they are the side effects of, from the panel to the eyes, the actual amount of light produced almost halved. So the actual users to see the screen brightness is only actually glowing or so commonly, and the brightness luminescent consumes valuable battery life. Research team, including Jesse Dr Widder, wan li, professor Matthew rich hitt and Alastair dyer Campbell, a professor of their results were published in the journal ACS nano. Their paper show that by controlling the chemical properties of OLED materials, can be made to a special type of polarized light OLED, the polarized light can bypass anti glare filters. Credit: ACS although their research focus on the OLED display, but the team noticed that they develop the materials and methods may have further application in other places. Its material produced by polarized light in terms of information storage, transmission and encryption has potential application prospect, so in calculation and data transmission has a certain application value. OLED technology OLED ( Organic light emitting diode) Also known as organic laser display technology, the first discovered by a chinese-american professor tang, patent belongs to the kodak company, now its main feature is the use of organic semiconductor materials in polymer materials as light emitting diodes. OLED display technology has many advantages: the self-luminous, large viewing Angle, high contrast, low power consumption, and the corresponding time is running and so on. Due to the complex process, the price is relatively expensive, at present is mainly used in mobile phones, digital cameras and laptop computers, and other high-end devices. In order to guarantee the conditions of the light environment realistic effect, each OLED screen is covered by a layer of anti glare filters, but it is because of the glare filters special physical properties, lead to each of the OLED pixel to produce light by half 'trapped' in display, cannot penetrate filter, thus greatly reduce the energy efficiency of OLED. If a mobile phone because the light is too strong to use outdoor, the user is unacceptable, so manufacturers have to improve the energy consumption, guarantee the anti-glare filter with light loss will not affect the normal use of the equipment. Principle of OLED a composed of physical and chemical experts team of scientists recently developed a new kind of OLED screen, well solved this difficult problem. They by controlling the chemical characteristics of OLED materials, produce a special type of polarized light OLED, make can't through the glare of the filter before the light smoothly through. The vibration of the light is also a kind of electromagnetic wave, light direction and the direction of light plane is called the vibration plane of light. Standing in the point of view of statistical average, light waves make symmetrical on the direction of propagation. And polarization of light, it is to point to the vibration of the light plane are limited in a fixed direction. In the invention, scientists are using special polarized light, make originally lose light to pass through. New OLED screen will be more bright, more energy efficient researchers, this effectively with polarized light OLED features, can make the screen brighter, contrast ratio is higher, it would be more efficient at the same time, it does not need to increase the energy consumption to compensate for the loss of light, because the screen is a lot of electronic equipment ( Especially mobile phones) And power-hungry, so this technology will greatly extend the use time and life of the battery. At present, the study focuses on the OLED display, but the researchers believe that the technology also will further application in other fields. New materials of polarized light in terms of information storage, transmission and encryption has a good application prospect, so revolution in computing and data has a certain application value. Traditional OLED screen has many advantages, but the cost is higher, and in the light environment show that the effect not beautiful; Due to the anti-dazzle OLED light filter to the normal part of the light can't through; New OLED with special characteristics of polarized light, reducing the loss of light, reduces the energy consumption, more bright and energy saving. cnBeat cnBeat
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