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IDTechEx Research: global OLED industry scale will reach $25. 5 billion this year

by:Atop     2020-09-03
Research institutions, according to September 6 IDTechEx Research released the latest report forecasts, global scale OLED industry will come to $25. 5 billion this year, next year is expected to further expansion of 20. By 5% to 307. 200 million dollars. Mobile devices with OLED displays, dominating the OLED industry estimates that 2018 account for 88% of the OLED output, commanded by samsung OLED market at present, but contains (boe 英国央行) , huaxing photoelectric ( CSOT) , and glow, 江户) , tianma microelectronics ( 天马微电子) With cigna ( Visionox) Are eyeing, and land all the factory. LG Display is the second largest OLED panel suppliers, estimates this year's camp closing accounts for 8%. But if the panel area computation, LG Display forecasts for the city accounted for 27%. LG Display is given priority to with producing large size OLED TV panels. Dressing device is OLED's third largest projects this year, an estimated 2% of the total OLED industry revenue. IDTechEx Research further estimates that OLED market will expand to $58 billion in 2025. According to the report, the printing type OLED panel are still in the stage of development, the Japanese panel makers JOLED first launched late last year the commercial printing type OLED panel, lu factory also actively in this technology development at present. According to relevant information, represented by samsung mobile phone suppliers are expected to be launched in late 2018 or early 2019 the first folding smartphone, this trend will promote the demand for the flexible OLED panel industry. Although samsung display the fastest growing in the field of flexible OLED, but also is catching up, boe designed to compete with samsung, orders for apple OLED panel. In order to deal with growing competition, LG Display is also accelerating the development of related technologies, aimed at beginning to offer mobile phone maker in the mid - 2019 - OLED panel, even if the number is not much; At the same time also will shrink with samsung in small and medium size gaps in the field of OLED panel. Sources said that at present most of the folding mobile phone manufacturer smartphone model are adopted in the folding design, used in flexible display configuration; Compared with the external configuration display design, technical complexity reduces many yet. With folding design display still must overcome many problems, such as dust easily into the flexible display surface, further improve the flexible display fold number. Open at the same time, along with foldable model, the development of flexible OLED panel also from a flexible model for the first phase of the center of gravity shifted to radius of curvature is less than 1. 0 r folding panel development as the center of gravity of the second phase. Due to the base plate play a key role in the flexible OLED panel production, material suppliers are also introduced with high light transmittance, heat resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient of colorless polyimide ( PI) , so is the ideal choice for flexible OLED panel production. It is reported that samsung display may have already completed the radius of curvature is less than 1. 0 r OLED panel development, and is provided by samsung electronics to the panel manufacturing folding smartphone related test. LG display, meanwhile, is expected to be set at the end of 2019 before the scheduled time to complete its 1. The development process of 0 r OLED panel. Web search LED huaqiang electronic market
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