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HuaCan, leah DE, dry, a mega chi layout Micro/Mini LED progress analysis

by:Atop     2020-08-29
Nearly two years, is regarded as a new generation of mainstream technology of Micro LED panel, much attention has been paid to those who have a large manufacturers, at home and abroad on its market prospects. According to the set consulting LED research center ( LEDinside) A new report from the 1 q18 Micro market report - LED next generation display technology 2018 Micro and Mini LED industry outlook, LED display, Micro LED market in 2025 GDP forecast will to 28. 9. 1 billion dollars. Because of the Micro LED still face some technical bottlenecks, it is regarded as transitional product Mini LED by same manufacturer, gen, auo panel two tigers group, LED chips factory electricity, ronda, LED assembly house light, gen, macro and positive development of Mini LED related USES. Micro/Mini LED concept is so hot, the layout of each enterprise in the field progress nature has become the focus of the industry. Recently, HuaCan photoelectric, leah DE, dry as photoelectric, trillion chi shares to disclose their Micro/Mini LED layout schedule. HuaCan photoelectric as the second largest China LED chip suppliers, as well as one of the few full color chip maker, HuaCan photoelectric both inside and outside the home screen, backlight application has accumulated rich experience, combined with their own flip chip technology accumulation, in the past two years, through the cooperation with international and domestic packaging application vendors, HuaCan in backlight application Mini blue chips to show the application of the Mini - RGB chip has launched a mature products, and led the development of part of the product size. Among them: backlight application of Mini LED products through unique design of the light control, and through with the encapsulation, related products for customer approval, at the same time with the domestic and foreign terminal customers in close cooperation to develop new programs; And display application RGB Mini LED chip, chip photoelectric performance, reliability, light has been recognized by many customers, such as colour consistency and applied to the sample show good market reaction. The large-scale commercial will eventually according to the terminal product launch as well as the promotion of the market. LED, on the other hand, for Micro HuaCan from the extension to the chip has been carried on the corresponding technical research and reserves, in terms of the extension, aimed at the wavelength of the extension, luminance uniformity, voltage has been optimized, concentration improved significantly, at the same time the particle control and larger also develop and improve the epitaxial wafer production; In chip, chip made in micron grade size, wall protection, substrate, and illustrates the chip out of the light regulatory aspects of optimization of innovation, and the joint with the terminal enterprise development, but the difficulty in chip companies, not just the actual application and eventually the commercialization of the more depends on the joint efforts of the whole industry chain. In addition, red yellow dry according to the leading enterprises in the LED chip photoelectric also invest a lot of time and energy to do Micro LED research and development. Do do as photoelectric dry as photoelectric in the investor relations activity on March 1, said the Mini LED backlight part, chip technology is relatively mature, dry photoelectric to downstream assembly house, even directly cooperate with end users are doing. Including and in solving the problem of packaging the industrial chain of manufacturers, some vendors progress faster, solve the problem of encapsulation technology is likely to be faster. Mini LED display part, chips, dry as photoelectric ready, and downstream vendors deliver, test questions, dry as photoelectric and application, assembly house together do wrap the breakthrough, dry as photoelectric for Mini LED backlight and Mini LED display part is very optimistic, after in June 2018, the Mini LED display and Mini backlight application in television and mobile phones will have a heavy process. About the Micro LED, dry as photoelectric chip is more end and transfer end, chip, technical reserves have been in, but more is and downstream industry chain, and display manufacturers ( Including vendors do transfer) To discuss, because is a common need to face the problem of the industrial chain, especially the problem of huge amount transfer. Everybody together discuss advance transfer process of mature technology breakthrough. Dry as photoelectric for Micro industrialization is optimistic, but what is in the second half of 2018 or the first half of 2019, the second half of the year, it is still hard to say, want to see the giant take out when to take the lead in low cost and product of industrialization. Julia's leading LED display company, for the industry of new technology is also don't slack off. Leah, an investor relations activities in January, said the company has been following the Mini - LED and Micro LED technology, but also in promoting the cooperation with the upstream applications.
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