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How to make a simple LED electronic display screen?

by:Atop     2020-06-24

Tell you Atop Led Opto Electronic display production preparation work: ( Unit board, frame, corner, Angle steel, power, and the pillars, screws, nuts, 5 v power supply cord, 220 v power supply cord, LED control card, the long line and short line, hand electric drill, drilling machine, computer, serial port, etc. ) Step one: by measuring some parameters of the screen. Including screen length and height, fixed unit for plate length of Angle, and frame, etc. Adjust good Angle, the second step: according to the measurement data frame. With oily pen to Angle tracing point! Attention must be with the mounting screws for unit board. Cell plate in the same direction! After tracing better hole! Then use the pillars and nut fixed a column column unit board! Step 3: use a corner to solve one end of the border, put a line a list of unit board in the frame. Pay attention to the direction of the unit board should agree! Then the column column unit with screw plate fixed to the frame, pay attention to don't have a gap between unit board and unit board! Then the frame at the other end screwed! Step 4: fixed the power supply to the Angle or frame ( As shown) 。 Commonly used power 220 v ac turn 40 a 5 v power supply! A power supply connection between 8 - 10 unit board. Every 3 - 4 unit board connected to the power of a terminal! Unit look extremely VCC power supply V +, negative GND connect power COM. Each power input end is connected to the 220 ac, wire and the wire connect together, zero zero line. In order to prevent electrostatic should give each power grounding! Step 5: use a serial port connection good computer serial port and control card. Open the software set up parameters ( For details, please refer to the software debugging) 。 Click send button to display the contents of the input.                                

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