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How to improve the display resolution

by:Atop     2020-06-03
Along with the social development faster and faster, and led display can be seen everywhere, as the main carrier of advertising, information broadcast, at present, it is becoming more and more to follow the trend of The Times. Hd video will often bring more shock of visual experience, revealing the content will be more real. So how to make more hd led display? This article analysis for you. To achieve high definition display must have four factors, one is content requires full hd, 2 it is to support full hd display requirements, 3 it is to narrow the points spacing, led display is four led display and video processor. Full color LED display is also in the show more clearly. One, to improve the contrast of full-color LED display contrast is one of the key factors affecting the visual effects, generally the higher the contrast, the clearer image striking, strong color more gorgeous. High contrast for image clarity, details of performance, the gray level are of great help. In some black and white contrast is larger in the text, video display, high contrast full-color LED display in black and white contrast, clarity, integrity, has the advantage. Contrast for dynamic video display effects to be bigger, because of the dynamic image of light and shade change is faster, the higher the contrast, the easier the eyes distinguish the conversion process. Actually, full-color LED display contrast enhance mainly is to improve the full-color LED display brightness and reduce the screen surface reflectivity, however, the higher the brightness is not better, is too high, but counterproductive, will not only affect the service life of LED display, also causes light pollution. Light pollution has become a hot topic now, high brightness will impact on the environment and people. Full-color LED display, LED panel and LED tube to carry on the special craft processing, can reduce the reflectance of LED panel, also can improve the contrast of full-color LED display. Second, improve the full color LED display gray level gray level refers to the full color LED display from the darkest to the brightest in the single color brightness can distinguish between the brightness of the series, full-color LED display gray level is higher, the color is rich, colour is gorgeous; On the other hand, according to a single color, simple changes. Grey level enhancement, can greatly enhance the color depth, making image color shows an geometric increase in the number of levels. LED gray-scale control level for 14 bit to 16 bit, make high-end display images of the product level resolution details and results have reached the world advanced level. With the development of hardware technology, LED to grayscale will continuously to a higher control precision. Three, to narrow the points spacing full-color LED display to narrow the points spacing, full-color LED display can be very good to improve the clarity, full-color LED display point spacing is smaller, it showed more exquisite. This, however, must have a mature technology as the core support, its cost is opposite bigger, to produce the full color LED display price is on the high side, but fortunately, now the market also is developing toward the small spacing LED display. Fourth, led display and video processor with the led video processor can use advanced algorithm of image quality is not good signal to the decoration of execution to interlaced, edge sharpening, motion compensation and so on a series of processing, enhance the detail of the image, improve image quality. Video processor image scaling processing algorithm, was used to ensure video images after scaling processing, maximum keep the image resolution and gray levels. In addition, you also need to video processor has rich image adjustment options and adjustment effect, to deal with image brightness, contrast, gray level, in order to make sure the screen output soft clear picture.
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