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How to identify the brightness of the LED electronic display screen

by:Atop     2020-03-15

1, make myself a 3 v dc power supply for easy connection leds, had better use battery production. Can use two button batteries, installed in a small plastic tube and lead to two probes as output is negative, the end made a switch shrapnel directly, when used, plus or minus probe corresponding contact light-emitting diodes (leds) plus or minus pin, hold down the end of the switch, light electric light tube. 2, secondly, using photosensitive resistance and digital multimeter, simple metering device, the photosensitive resistance leads to the two thin wires, directly connected to the digital multimeter, on two pens and a multimeter gear in 20 k position ( Depending on the photosensitive resistance, make accurate reading) , note that the measured value is the actual value of photosensitive resistance, therefore, the brighter the light, the smaller the numerical value. 3 fetch a LED electronic display screen, LED light-emitting diode, with more than 3 v dc lights, light head are connecting to and close to live good photoconductive resistance photosensitive surface, at this point, the multimeter reading, in order to distinguish the luminous intensity of LED.                                

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