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How to explain to LED display customer relationship between price and quality?

by:Atop     2020-08-10
The quality and price is proportional to the. Any industry are the same. If you care about quality, please respect the price; And if you want a cheap, please don't try to have a good product. LED display, of course, is also the same. 。 。 。 。 。     Current as the LED display industry transformation and upgrading of the upstream manufacturers to speed up and terminal and continuous increase of market demand, most customers have been able to very calm to accept the high price of high quality products and solutions, under this situation, however, are the industry sales, product sold more and more bad, there are a lot of customers are 'mixed', sales pushed the quality he said the price with him, talk about the price he Dui quality is bad, so it is difficult to 'communication', isn't it. The truth, really? To understand this, LED display dealers and sales personnel must first understand the meaning of quality, price and brand.     First of all, you may make a mistake on the LED display the definition of 'quality'.     'Quality can be understood as the quality and brand. 'China quality management association, vice President of Lu Yansun said. Lu Yansun repeatedly stressed that a product is only good quality and at the same time have a certain brand value, is the good quality.     = quality + quality brand, this is the definition of consumption upgrade era of market economy. If your hand is not well-known brand, and even counterfeit brand, and you said no brand value, manufacturer and no bottom spirit with customer about product quality? Therefore, in the eyes of the customer terminal market, quality is a threshold. When your products do not meet the threshold, they naturally and you talk about the price, and price is lower and lower.     Second, and perhaps mixed up the meaning of 'excellent quality and reasonable price'.     LED display distributor, especially the three or four line city, even the small towns of store owner at the time of communication with the customers, it is easy to enter the most mentioned at the beginning of a myth that the front: think the client is always about prices and high-end products, and talk to low-end products quality, the reason is that the businessman always like one-sided think customer pursuit of value and price is the price on the high cost performance.     In fact, is not so simple. Under the technology continues to improve, the market new products emerge in endlessly, let users have more optional sex at the same time, also let the customer more room to shop around and even more, also to the requirement of product will be higher.     As the terminal market subdivision, on the other hand, professional and customer personalized demand for product release further, more and more clients, hope I need to get the attention of the upstream manufacturers, and provide solution, both in products and services.     Finally, with customers to build quality sense.     Birds of a feather flock together, birds of a feather flock together. Information communion era, each kind of character, each kind of hobby can be a small community. Therefore, dealers to give up straight 'push' means, but to 'pull'.     To put yourself into a small platform, community platform, and 'pull' to more similar values and interests of consumers, will they get together, stressed the same values, the same experience, the same feeling. Through the brand culture, value of permeability to influence them.     In a word, 'high quality low price' is a legend. You know in the sales process, only care about price is generally a one-time sale, but care about quality and service is a long-term partner. This article from: China network security exhibition
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