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How to clean the LED display and the matters needing attention when cleaning

by:Atop     2020-06-11
LED display in both before and after installing the need for clean, this is a very important link, can prevent the LED display in the action process is not clear phenomenon, have partial color Mosaic phenomenon and the black screen, etc. Display in operation after a certain period of time there will be dust effects such as display debris accumulation, regular cleaning and maintenance of LED display, can prolong the service life of LED display, improve the quality of the use of LED display. So the work of cleaning the LED display in the screen before and after the loading screen, is particularly important, Gu Tong technology LED electronic display screen, a senior engineer a variety of methods are summarized, and formed a set of clean the simple method of LED electronic display screen, the following will introduce you to: a, LED module, semi-finished products of cleaning in LED module is only semi-finished products no suite, need to use special wash water for cleaning, will the LED module with some hair of the reoccupy after washing plate water brush wash, shedding of acceleration and the dissolution of rosin flux, remove dirt and impurities, cleaning this step is performed by the manufacturer. Second, LED electronic display screen cleaning LED electronic display screen after installation shows after a period of time will have dust and impurities, in order not to influence the screen display effect, need to use water or water and detergent cleaner to clean the surface of the LED display, only to clean the surface of the LED display, and to be very careful when cleaning, washing water can not be get to the back of the LED module. This step of cleaning can be made by the manufacturer to be the time for after-sale maintenance, can also be a customer for cleaning itself. LED display for you "take a shower", a very easy thing, but for the LED display of the display effect and steady improvement has a great help.
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