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How to choose energy-saving LED screen you need

by:Atop     2020-06-03
First of all, you should make sure that your LED display is installed in the outdoor or indoor. If installed outdoors, generally recommend using p10 / p12 / p16 / p20 specifications of the LED display, especially p10 and p16 these two models, the utilization rate of more than eighty percent. If the screens installed in indoor, usually adopt p3 / p4, p5 / p6 / p7. 62 specifications of the LED display, p3 triad full-color LED display, because the price is quite high, in the market share is relatively low at present, p7. 62 as customers sales gradually increasing clarity demand for resolution. P4 / p5, p6 full color with a seventy percent share indoor electronic display. In addition, to see whether the screen installation site viewing distance and display area. Outdoor LED advertising screen if area of 30 square meters or so, viewing distance in 10 metres away, it is recommended to use p10. In more than 40 square such as area, viewing distance in 20 metres away, can consider to use p16. Indoor display area in 3 - 5 square meters, p4 or p5LED screen effect is good, 10 square meters the following advice adopt p5, more than 10 square meters viewing distance in 6 metres away, can choose p6 full color displays. Finally see display specific use environment, generally divided into fixed and removable type LED large screen. Stationary LED color screen, generally do not need to move, usually a simple box or seal standard housing production. Using aluminum or stainless steel outside package and decoration. Removable type LED large screen is generally used in stage performance, as acting background display. This kind of LED display cabinet demand is higher, need to use the lease housing, with aviation plug, a case of a card, Each cabinet a receiving card) 。
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