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How is the LED rental screen is chroma processing?

by:Atop     2020-03-20

Because of using LED rental screen will cost savings for the enterprise, and has the characteristics of easy installation and disassembly fast, so the LED rental screen is widely used in various celebrations and large-scale song and dance activities. And LED rental screen did not live up to the public in the process of using promise, with its bright color, vivid images and conquered all the audience. So quality reliable LED rental screen is how to carry out the chroma processing? How is the LED rental screen is chroma processing? 1, chroma uniformity processing only uniform distribution of chromaticity can play more harmonious and uniform color in a painting, so in order to achieve this effect, most to have the reputation of LED manufacturers in the production of the lease rental screen screen through to the LED color coordinates segments and selection to improve the uniformity of chrominance, at the same time let the red, green and blue color mixture distance closer, thus in the chroma uniformity processing has achieved good effect. 2, color reduction treatment every thing has its own inherent color, to make shown in the picture can be very realistic, so LED rental screen is with high color reducibility. As a result, the high quality LED rental screen through to the red, green, blue three primary colors LED color coordinate space transformation, to make the LED sanki colored coordinates between PAL TV and as near as possible, so as to greatly improve the LED rental screen color reduction degree. More than 3, gezer chroma processing color in real life is rich and colorful, and video source only red, green and blue of the three basic colors, so in order to be able to make the picture more colorful, LED rental screen adopting the processing mode of the multistage colored degrees by increasing callie two primary colors to expand the color gamut, thus improve the color saturation. Above these aspects is the way of LED rental screen processing chromaticity. Through the advanced treatment can make the LED rental screen in use process, play a more clear, realistic effect, so that they can let the audience in the performances better appreciation to every show on the stage, thus greatly degree of satisfaction on the vision.                                

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