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How far is shallow of Micro LED to popularize road?

by:Atop     2020-08-11
Drive China on November 16, despite the OLED has now become a very popular display technology, but show industry have innovation's attention turned to the next major change, that is Micro LED technology. Data show that Micro is a new generation of LED display technology, than the existing OLED technology, higher brightness and higher luminous efficiency, lower power consumption. MicroLED excellent features will make it can be on TV, the iPhone, the application. Currently more than 3000 dollars of high-end TV OLED TV accounts for about 72% of the market, since OLED TV listings, global sales. OLED TV in 2015 accounted for only 1 in the global television market. 1%, and in 2017 raised four times, at 4. 5%, and has a major high-end TV market. It is understood that well-known Apple has already begun to develop as early as May 2017, and introduced the application of Micro LED display technology Apple Watch, samsung has launched on CES 2018 exhibition new Micro LED TV, how to look like a flourishing prosperity. Although the future is light, but the popularity of Micro LED away from the real is still a long way to go. Take big names apple, for example, although the knee-deep marching under the banner of Micro LED display technology, but we always can't see the phone application on Micro LED, OLED is adopted instead, is apple's really want to change? In fact, the biggest reason is that the technology is still in the ivory tower, also caused the expensive things, and the capacity is very low, basically do not have the possibility of mass commercialization. Actually to put it bluntly, even Micro LED advantage prominent, apple is really in the dark, but really because of objective reasons, choose to use OLED screen to complete the transition. But for apple, energy-saving advantages of both Micro LED screen, or Micro - LED display life longer than OLED etc, are enough to support, including apple, such as the manufacturer of deep excavation, and somehow to put down a small target itself. The emergence of any new things don't happen overnight, and may require a painstaking process, which is at present a lot of manufacturers are also key reason is given priority to with OLED, but what is undeniable is that the high-end display panel, the future will be to Micro leds as the main research direction. Although now we do not know the popularity of Micro LED away from the real road have how far, 2019 years or even longer, but manufacturers have already set a Flag, opportunity challenge two dependent, well, after all, can let a person find hope. Of course, we should also believe that the progress of science and technology will give the future infinite possibility, we wait for it! Driving in China
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