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Hon glow electric tells: what aspects affect the price of LED display in shenzhen

by:Atop     2020-03-19

The varieties of full-color LED display, as even if the specifications in different manufacturer of choose and buy, also can appear a big difference in terms of price, the price of LED display in shenzhen is out of this situation, then affects the shenzhen what factors LED display price? Atop the following Led Opto Electronic understand factors together with everybody. A, full-color LED display specification affect prices taking into account other factors, the current said conventional products, LED display from the color can be divided into monochrome, two-color, full-color, according to the use of indoor and outdoor environment, full-color LED display price for each specification is, there is a difference between indoor full-color and table post triad full-color, full-color, table lattice full-color, outdoor full-color divided into 1 r1g1b ( Generally for high density, such as: PH10, PH12) 2 r1g1b ( Generally for high density, such as PH16, PH20, etc. ) 。 Second, full-color LED display material impact on the price category into 1 import and domestic materials. Light emitting chip import source is divided into three aspects: Taiwan, Japan, the United States, the product features are inconsistent in different region, the United States and Japan mainly export LED lights are of good quality and price is expensive, and Taiwan imported quality almost, the advantage is cheap, in fact, the price is equal, mainly import tariffs up prices. Despite high prices still recommend purchasing imported chips. 2. 2. There is also a crucial factor is the driver IC, don't know the driver IC, low prices, would certainly choose but IC affects the quality of LED display and longevity. 3. 3. Other aspects of materials, power supply, housing, and other accessories. Three, the necessary system also affect the price of LED display 1. Transfer system accessories: send a card, card and receiving card. 2. Broadcast system: play computer, multimedia, display control software. 3. The editor system: computer, video compression CARDS, editing software. 4. Monitoring system: sensor + monitoring software; 5. Protection system, cooling system, power distribution system, lightning protection system; 6. LED display system: amplifier + amp; 7. Video input devices, DVD/VCD, video recorder, closed-circuit television (CCTV); 8. Graphic input: scanner, digital camera. Above parts and equipment in addition to system accessories and broadcast system, other are all natural price fluctuation influence four, the difference in their brand construction factors also affect the price of LED display installation environment, installation method, area of the screen, frame materials, and so on factors, identify project brand price difference is big, especially the outdoor billboard. Five, the way to trade, transport, taxation, other factors can affect the price of LED display                                

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