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Highlighting Chinese color TV market, OLED peak major heat hits

by:Atop     2020-08-22
Hot double 11 annual carnival heat has not subsided, the heat of the double 12 hard hit. Double 12 is not only the last time this year the whole between cu, brand, channel, resources, and the industrial chain of important battlefield. And as the center of the modern family entertainment television, natural in the market for one of the high-profile category. Recent good momentum at the end of OLED TV targeting sales throughout the domestic color TV retail market, the market overall is on the first this year after the suppression Yang. Encounter 'cold winter' in the first half of the market situation, starting from the National Day, OLED TV buck the trend, achieve the growth by leaps and bounds. LG electronics, skyworth, konka, changhong, SONY, philips and other manufacturers of OLED TV products in the past National Day and double tenth a promotion of the competition in the market during the test, to hand over the beautiful transcripts. , according to Mr D cloud network data in the past during the National Day golden week, the domestic color TV sales fell by 15. 6%, sales of year-on-year decline in 11. 9%. But OLED TV outshine others, sales rose 145% year-on-year, scale grow. Suning data further shows that on November 3, color TV super category, OLED TV sales growth of 509%. 12-12 as the year the last promotion node, to each big colour TV set makers, circulation channels, the electric business platform are this year's final sprint timing. From the mall to the tourism market OLED display strong vitality in the consumer upgrades, growing consumer demand for high-end, innovative products. And OLED as widely recognized 'the next generation display technology', have the self-luminous, wide Angle, almost infinite contrast and image quality advantage, and no back light based on the structure characteristics of beyond imagination design advantages, the various black TV product of science and technology puts glorious greatly in each big international exhibition, in the assessment of international authoritative institutions is success. Camp with the mature of OLED technology, industry growing, constantly enrich product categories and OLED TV market also ushered in the rapid development. Since this year, growth of OLED TV is very strong, showed unprecedented market vitality. In major cities across the country, since the second half of 2017, home appliance sells successively introduced the OLED technology innovation experience pavilion, pavilion shows the latest in OLED black science and technology, as well as the wallpaper of television, spontaneous acoustic screen TV, and many other innovative products. Customers can shopping at the same time, learn more OLED technology and knowledge to the real future horizon. Of course, after understanding the advantages of OLED, consumers are more willing to buy the OLED TV product in stores, forming a virtuous cycle. In addition, OLED more from home appliance sells extensions to the tourism market. Recently, the guangzhou tower and LG Display to jointly develop the interactive experience of projects in guangzhou 'guangzhou tower OLED new horizon' dedication, OLED 'new horizon' also became the most popular with tourists visit the guangzhou tower one of the points. OLED 'new horizon' three experience area, respectively is 75 forms of OLED panel patchwork wavy super big dome (' OLED waves OLED波屋顶) ”; Composed of 144 pieces of OLED panel of the world's biggest 'OLED tunnel'; As well as the development course of OLED display cutting-edge OLED black technology 'OLED display technology museum'. OLED on full display in 'China's first tower', let more consumers can close experience, understand the OLED, open the high-end experience and communication window, and to the actual sales during the 12-12 strong pulling effect. This article from: IT digital search LED technology
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