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Han and cities will nanning station: small spacing security monitoring become the preferred

by:Atop     2020-08-17
On May 8, cities will be the second stop into the capital of guangxi nanning, in 2018, the 7th 'intelligent security technology exchange training ( Cities will be for short) 'Man in nanning, the 13 floor conference room. The meeting got in guangxi, guangxi branch letter place security association's strong support, the meeting of the nearly 200 systems integrators, engineering, business, industry users to participate in the meeting. Cities will be hosted by the shenzhen security industry association, the national association of city security, cooperation and mutual assistance union support, CPS branded network to undertake, han and enterprises ( China) Co. , LTD. , also named. In training during the meeting, han and the enterprise sales director Pan Longmei through to the traditional technology of LCD, DLP, and LED display, LED display hd display, highlighted the small spacing no flat-fell seam, long life and other advantages. Through the analysis of the security domain according to demand, han and hd display small spacing is outstanding, safety and reliability requirements can satisfy the security field. For nanning and surrounding areas of system integrators and engineering provides the most perfect solution. In product display area, han and the leaders of small spacing display installed on the sign in Taiwan series, seamless splicing, hd perfect show attendees with admiration, not only marvel at the picture of the flatness and perfect color performance, for the screen body structure and connection are very interested.   Han a little distance between the LED display screen got nanning and surrounding areas of system integrators and engineering business and industry wide attention of users, they through the introduction of the training meeting, and intuitive picture shows a little distance between the LED display screen for han have further understanding. Nanning is the capital of guangxi, it is also an important window and southeast Asian economic exchanges, intelligent security has become a just to nanning. Cities will provides the security of guangxi friends wisdom security overall solutions, further improve the local security expertise and service level. Han and the sole named cities will be broadly, small spacing guys series also to become the best choice in security monitoring, also hope that can provide engineering dealers and system integrators and end users with unprecedented profit advantage, provide more professional and dedicated service for you. Cities will be in 2018, mainly divides into the southeast northwest four lines, held in 20 major cities in China, radiation surrounding hundred security integrators, engineering, business and industry users of the city, also named han and enterprises, hope and security professionals from around the mutual exchanges, deepen cooperation and jointly promote the development of security industry. In 2018 cities May 2nd will be on May 11 13:00 furama hotel 3rd floor in hunan international held a grand banquet hall, welcome to changsha and surrounding the industry to participate in, together with the han and the substantial business security field. Han a boss series of han and small spacing leaders LED display products series is a Chinese star products, hard plug connected by wireless connection between the box body neat and beautiful. 600 * 337. 5 body size, perfect proportion, matching the market 16:9 video source; Before and after the maintenance design, convenient installation and maintenance; The humanized handle design, easy to operate; Picture is exquisite, clear smooth, very suitable for security monitoring field. This article from: hc360 search LED
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