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Half the outdoor LED display how to deal with the water?

by:Atop     2020-06-07

Relative to the outdoor screen, a half outdoor display screen waterproof performance will be worse, if half outdoor led display how to deal with the water? First of all, for half an outdoor displays have infiltration water, shall be immediately cut off power supply, we can see from the monitor screen, if there is only half black screen, outdoor led display screen flashing light not wait for a phenomenon, largely because failure happened. Second, to see what is the position of water from the display screen into, a contract on the led display manufacturer how commitment, if you didn't write on the contract, can only be repaired at his own expense, at the same time sent professional and technical personnel to the scene to repair. Also be half-and-half outdoor led display at ordinary times to do a good job of waterproof, add display module of the waterproof layer, waterproof coating can effectively prevent display screen into the water, more common practice is, in the display module shell part, daub on the waterproof coating, especially in some gap and edge, more should take preventive measures. In general, the half door screen waterproof work, is a long-term work, need our technical personnel for maintenance, maintenance regularly, in case of bad weather, more should be vigilant, find half a problem such as outdoor led into the water, to take timely solution. Only in this way, can ensure that the use of screen for a long time, health. 

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