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Guangzhou international large screen display technology and application exhibition a success

by:Atop     2020-08-18
On March 3, guangzhou international expo and the guangzhou advertising logo and LED large screen display technology and application exhibition international ( 'ISLE') In the guangzhou Canton fair pavilion area B, and ended on March 6th. The exhibition covers the LED display technology, the comprehensive solutions, LED lighting, LED display, spray printing equipment, laser engraving equipment, curved word, advertising display equipment and logo and advertising light boxes, and other areas of the eight, brought together more than 1800 vendors. The starlight, Abby's, lehman photoelectric, crystal photoelectric, easy reach, nicola corrent, photoelectric, huaxia luster, gen, and all appearance such as Ming weft power supply. Small spacing increase of concentration of market, product differentiation into a new starting point, according to the scene to understand from the shelter-forest LED chips encapsulation manufacturers to downstream applications, display products are including basic small spacing, and introduced as the key. Screens used in addition to Abby's, leah DE, lehman photoelectric, strong color and other leading manufacturers, many newcomers also shows a small spacing display products. Visit found that easy to reach road rise photoelectric enterprises are mainly around the small distance between products to display. Easy to carry small spacing VE series of P1. 5, small spacing dazzle colour series P2 Ⅲ generation. 9, small spacing BIM Plus P2 series. 6. VE series is very thin and small spacing, support and maintenance, use aluminium box, with fast heat dissipation, light weight, high strength, no flat-fell seam, etc. Road up photoelectric booth is concise and easy, show three main products, carbon fiber panel, floor tile screen respectively and P1. 58 small spacing between screens. Staff of the site, road up photoelectric has 7 years in a row for the CCTV Spring Festival gala LED display, including floor tile screen and carbon fiber screen. Floor tile screen is special designed for Spring Festival gala, but then will be fully into the market at home and abroad. In that case, most bullish on small spacing of market potential. According to the set consulting LED research center ( LEDinside) The latest report shows that in 2017 the global LED display market size of 50. 0. 1 billion dollars, including indoor small spacing ( ≤P2。 5) After the rapid development of a few years ago, will continue to maintain growth, market size is 8, 2017. $5. 4 billion, and forecast CAGR of 12% from 2017 to 2021. With the maturity of existing small spacing technology, LED screen display effect is better and better, quality, grayscale, contrast, and color reduction degree is further improved. At the same time, because of each manufacturer on small spacing of market power, that those who have layout and, therefore, also appear as the product homogeneity phenomenon. To deal with this problem, many manufacturers have begun to find new market, and strive to get breakthrough in the technology, such as COB small spacing between the development of packaging technology. And in the breakthrough of packaging technology, for many small and medium-sized enterprises and some big companies, is relatively difficult. So, from the exhibits, it seems, more enterprises to choose development characteristic products on the market. Lehman photoelectric in the exhibition, in addition to the display screen and conventional small spacing application display, outdoor stadium is grandly launched the third generation of COB small spacing hd display panels, this is its first appearance in the domestic, the scene attracted many viewers eye, they all stopped, studied before COB panel small spacing. Lehman's third generation of COB small spacing display panel according to related technical personnel, lehman's third generation display technology COB small spacing, can make the LED display panel with protective performance, reliability and higher contrast, better quality, more flexible and quick way of joining together and higher environmental adaptability, can be widely applied to the monitoring center, command center, conference and commercial display and other kinds of indoor display. Talk of COB, exhibitions, huaxia splendor and special new MINI COB small spacing screen. According to the business personnel, huaxia the brilliance of the MINI COB screen better smoothness, small spacing inky more consistent, more resistant to impact, and the production efficiency is higher. Huaxia luster MINI COB small spacing between the screen and mentioned brand products, the most notable when territories starlight power, because the stars in the exhibition exhibited only REESTAR brand products, and this is the first time as a single REESTAR brand in domestic. REESTAR brand products the scene learned that REESTAR just before one under the 'China star' brand series, fully upgraded to a brand in 2017. At present, the overall sales of REESTAR brand in a stage of rapid growth, its main an international sporting event, traffic monitoring, landmarks, high-end auto show, international summit and other high-end display applications. Compared with competitors' products, REESTAR mainly with technology, production scale and product three aspects: the core advantage. Crystal photoelectric display of new products is also very eyes, respectively for the raptors 1820 lease artifact and black crystal 1415. According to introducing, 1820 highly optimized, easy to glue, high sealing, wide pin design, welding, strong impact resistance and outdoor features such as good compatibility, can easily meet the demand of the lease. The black screen 1415 is high-end display of choice, is also a minimum TOP series indoor solution, and become a P1. 8 - P2. The best choice for five screens. Nicola corrent this exhibition is still in the same excellent location, poster shows the LED screen, LED mobile screen, the X-ray Smart and small spacing LED display, 8 k, 8 k small spacing LED display showing a beautiful visual feast, attracting many audience stopped and consulting. According to nicola corrent related personnel, this small spacing products for the industry's most thin before 8 k all maintenance small spacing, ultra-thin, 160 ° Angle of view, seamless splicing, etc.
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