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Good prospects for development of 2018 LED the market will reach 461. 4 billion

by:Atop     2020-08-19
The niche on the plate as the new economy, new lighting industry overall performance achieved rapid growth. Equipment, such as united on very dragon lighting, snow Wright, leah DE, HuaCan photoelectric company a batch of LED lighting industry chain are expected in the first quarter earnings compared to achieve higher growth. Leah's recent also ushered in the large number of institutions of intensive research. As focus Yu Guangying build commercial lighting solutions for service providers, so dragon lighting, said the first quarter of this year the company continue to promote the new product research and development and technological innovation, further increase the intensity of market development, compared with 80 net profit is expected. By 74% to 110. 74%. Benefit from the LED lighting and charging pile business achieve faster growth, snow Wright is expected in the first quarter net profit year-on-year growth of 60% to 100%. In the 'intelligent display' market leading, leah, urban landscape lighting order last year doubled growth, in the first quarter orders continue to increase, the company is expected to net profit in the first quarter this year 2. 7. 6 billion yuan to 3. 100 million yuan, an increase of 60% to 80%. Leah DE on the performance of continuous power also attracted many researchers. Statistics show that in January and February of this year, the company a total of 7 times in total received 54 institutions of research. Small spacing on the r&d of products in the future, the company said will mainly embodies in wisdom display, convenient use, etc. Company in 2018 is expected to sign a single and new bid order 15 billion. On the performance, leah DE also said that in 2018 is expected to achieve revenue over 10 billion, from 16 to 2 billion net profit, the performance target has been assigned to the various members of the company; Expected revenue of 14 billion and 2019, net profit 22 to 2. 6 billion. Institute of research according to the production of LED ( GGII) Data show that in 2017 mainland China LED lighting production scale of 296. 9 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 21%. Considering the global LED lighting still have double space, permeability GGII predicts that the next few years China's LED lighting market scale growth is still expected to remain at around 15%, in 2020 China LED lighting market scale will reach 461. 4 billion yuan. The personage inside course of study says, for the LED display market competition in 2018, small spacing, no doubt is still the main force. Look from the trend, with China's further implement the strategy of innovation driven development, intelligent this year will continue to be one of the development trend of commercial lighting from this article: search LED
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