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Germany's Max Planck institute of polymer invented new single-layer OLED, consists of two electrodes

by:Atop     2020-08-20
On July 11, according to Germany's Max Planck institute of polymer website reported recently, the institute researchers have developed a only by using two electrode power supply of single-layer OLED. Such not only simplify the production of OLED, also paved the way for printable display screen. Light-emitting diode ( 领导) By containing gallium ( Ga) , arsenic, As) , p ( P) , nitrogen ( N) Compounds such as made. However, the organic light emitting diode ( OLED) But excluding the inorganic semiconductor materials, but contain carbon as the main composition of organic compounds. OLED display ( Image: Fraunhofer FEP) Compared with the conventional leds, however, the present low short life and the brightness of the OLED, that's why they were the current research. ( Photo credit: wikipedia) Recently, Germany's Max Planck institute of polymer ( MPI - P) Scientists in the project group leader Gert - 1月Wetzelaer ( Professor Paul Blom department) To develop a new concept of OLED. Today, OLED are made by a variety of different degree wafer thin layers. Some layer for transmission charge and the other layers are used to electronic import effectively to produce light in the active layer. Therefore, the current OLED mostly consists of five to seven layers. Now, researchers have developed a only by using two electrode power supply of single-layer OLED. Such not only simplify the production of OLED, also paved the way for printable display screen. In mainz development first OLED prototype show the MPI - A sign of P ( Image: MPI - P) Scientists in mainz through the first prototypes, shows they can only 2. 9 v voltage generated 10000 candela per square metre of emitting light brightness. The brightness is about 100 times of modern display. Under such a low voltage to achieve such a high brightness, which is a record of the OLED. Researchers can measure the external efficiency of 19%, this means that the supply of electricity has a 19% conversion to light, the light from the viewer in the direction of the light. With this value, OLED prototype can also with the five layers of even more layers of OLED. In continuous operation, the researchers can under the condition of brightness is equivalent to the modern display 10 times, measure to the so-called 'LT50 life' is almost two thousand hours. In this period of time, brightness down to about 50% of the initial value. Wetzelaer said: 'in the future, we hope to be able to further improve this concept, to achieve a longer life expectancy. This means that the concept will be used for industrial applications. 'The scientists hope their new development concept of single-layer ( In other words, the complexity of OLED) Will help identify and improve will reduce the life of the process. Scientists are using a based on the so-called 'thermal activation delay fluorescence ( TADF) 'Material of the light-emitting layer. The physics already have decades of history, but become the focus of the OLED research in about ten years ago, scientists in Japan demonstrates the efficient transformation of electrical energy to light energy. Since then, scientists have been dedicated to the manufacture of OLED based on TADF, because these OLED does not require expensive molecular complexes, these molecular complexes containing OLED currently include the use of rare earth metals. Global innovation wisdom of universal wisdom
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