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Future small spacing products began to spread, the manufacturer or the introduction of alliance partners in the future

by:Atop     2020-09-10
LED factory positive transformation in recent years, at the same time, market research and development of the small spacing Mini LED products for many years, in the second half of this year the LED factory will soon start shipment. Panel pair pushing tiny light-emitting diodes ( 迷你LED) Panel, au optronics planning to launch by the end of e-sports Mini LED display panel, group of optoelectronics will launch the Mini LED public display panels. Group and stressed that the group and is the world's first to make the thin film transistor liquid crystal display driver of Mini LED panel manufacturers, not only the quality is better than that of organic light-emitting diodes ( OLED) Panel, cause this is more than the OLED panel, so is expected to replace the OLED panel market position. Auo assessment, and put the Mini LED panel market, first of all should take their own market share ranking the first e-sports e-sports laptop display panel, display panel, so the e-sports dedicated to launch by the end of the Mini LED panel. Although ChuangDou think auo, group, the light-emitting diodes ( Micro LED) Opportunity is a panel industry in Taiwan in the future, but at this stage of technology also can't mass production, only first launch of the Mini LED. In addition, the east bay 1 introduction strategy partner wistron is confirmed. LED industry, said the future products began to spread, small spacing will be very fast, the vendor may have introduced action alliance partners in the future. LED industry executives said that in recent years, the Taiwan region of the LED industry, to operating the bottom out of a few years ago, the fastest way is introduced with a substantive strategic partners, however, the second half of this year, including electricity, light, crystal of the east bay and other plant Mini LED products, shipment will start small, at this point, the layout for future delivery, should be more strategic significance. This article from:
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