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Full color LED display development, and product applications

by:Atop     2020-03-17

In recent years, our country has developed into a full-color LED display products manufacturer, scientific research strength, again and again to the LED industry to the peak, indoor high-definition full-color LED display, outdoor large LED screen, LED full color stage, in front of an audience. Information when feel the convenience brought by the development of information technology, both indoor and outdoor, LED full-color displays to absolute advantage to become mainstream products. Atop Led Opto Electronic | light-emitting diode Is at the end of the sixties, developed a kind of semiconductor display device in the seventy s, as the synthetic technology of semiconductor materials, single crystal manufacturing technology and P - N junction formation technology, the research progress of leds in the light color, brightness, etc to improve performance and quickly enter the mass and the practical application, after entering the eighty s, LED in the wavelength range and performance greatly improved, and began to form tablet is full color LED display products. Full color in the late eighty s in the global rapid development, become a new information display media, which USES light-emitting diodes (leds) lattice modules or pixel units composed of large area of the screen, with high reliability, long service life, strong environment adaptability, high performance price ratio and low use cost, in a decade, rapidly grow into the mainstream of the flat display one of the products, has been widely applied in the field of information display. Full color LED display category 1, according to use environment: indoor display, outdoor display screen 2, according to the luminous pixel size: 3 mm / 3. 75 mm / 5 mm / 8 mm / 15 mm/mm / 19 and 26 mm 3, according to the luminous pixel color such as: single color, red, green, double color, red, green, blue, Full color) 4, according to display control methods: synchronous and asynchronous 5, according to the method of use: lattice screen, dot matrix digital hybrid screen full-color LED display applications 1, securities trading, financial information, according to the main demand is still display industry. 2, airport flight dynamic information, according to the civil aviation airport construction is very clear to the requirement of information display, LED display is the first choice for flight information display system FIDS products; 3, port, station passenger guidance information display; 4, stadiums information display, full color has replaced the traditional light bulb and CRT display screen; 5, road traffic information display, full-color displays as the variable information board, such as speed limit signs; 6, scheduling command center information display; 7, postal, telecommunications, shopping malls shopping center and other services in the field of business promotion and information display; 8, media and advertising new products; 9, performance and assembly, the large screen more and more common for public and political purpose of video broadcast; 10, exhibition and leasing. Full-color LED display on the international market segment 1, the advertising industry; 2, sports and sports; 3, traffic. Full color LED display market development trend, high brightness, full color; 2, standardization and normalization; 3, the structure of the product diversification.                                

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