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Full color LED display cooling solutions

by:Atop     2020-03-16

Atop Led Opto Electronic article lamp is different from the past, although the energy loss is large, but mostly by infrared radiation, energy conversion reduces heat source, settle well problems of Led screen will further improve the Led full color performance. Full color fever: main reasons LED full color heat or energy conversion, not completely transformed between electricity and light. Only 100 lm/W leds luminous efficacy, the electro-optical conversion by about 30%, electrical energy into heat energy by about 70%. Internal quantum efficiency is not high, that is, when electrons and holes compound, and cannot have photons, 100% often referred to as the 'leak' current and lower the PN area carrier recombination rate. Leakage current is multiplied by the voltage, the power of this part is converted into heat energy, but it does not occupy a main component part, because the internal photon efficiency is close to 90%. All photons cannot penetrate to the chip produced inside outside and finally converted to heat, this part is the main, because this is called external quantum efficiency is only 30%, mostly is converted into heat. Article lamp light efficiency is very low, only 15 lm/W, but it will be almost all electric energy into light energy and radiation, because most of the radiant energy is infrared, so the light efficiency is very low, but from the heat dissipation problem. Full color heat dissipation solutions: two aspects to obtain, encapsulation before and after the packaging, can be as simple as chip heat dissipation and heat lamps. Led chip cooling is mainly associated with the choice of substrate and circuit and craft, because made any Led lamps and lanterns, so the heat generated by the Led chip is always through the shell of lamps and lanterns are scattered into the air. If heat dissipation is not good, because the LED chip thermal capacity is small, a little heat accumulation will make the chip junction temperature increase rapidly, if long time work in the condition of high temperature, it would quickly shorten service life. However the quantity of heat to be able to lead to real chips to the outside air, go through many ways. In particular, the heat produced in the LED chip, from metal heat block it out, first through to the aluminum substrate PCB solder, again through the heat conduction glue to the aluminum radiator. So actually LED lamps and lanterns, heat dissipation includes heat conduction and heat dissipation of two parts. However the LED lamp shell heat according to the power size and the use place, also can have different choices. Basically has the following several kinds of cooling methods: aluminum radiator fins: this is the most common way of heat dissipation, use aluminum radiator fins as a part of the shell to increase the cooling area. Thermal conductive plastic case: when plastic shell injection molding filling thermal conductive materials, increase the plastic shell heat conduction and heat capacity. Air fluid mechanics: using the lamp shell shape, make air convection, this is the lowest cost to strengthen the cooling way. Fan: lamp shell internal reinforced with long life high efficiency fan heat dissipation, low cost, good effect. Fan is trouble some, but want to change also does not apply to outdoor, this design is relatively rare. Heat pipe: use of heat pipe technology, heat from the LED chip to shell the cooling fins. In the large lamps and lanterns, such as street lamps is a common design. Surface radiation heat treatment: lamp shell surface radiation heat treatment, simple is daub ShengWeiHua radiation coating, can be taken away from the lamp shell surface heat radiation way. Here is introduced a new kind of cooling coating: ZS - 411 radiation heat cooling coating, paint coating with high thermal conductivity and large surface area of heat dissipation, at the same time in a wide range of wavelengths ( 1 - 20μm) With high emissivity, can significantly improve including conduction, convection and radiation heat comprehensive performance. This coating using high-performance thermal solution, the cooling solution has high visible light and near infrared reflectance, higher thermal infrared emissivity and special performance such as stability, but also has good physical properties, chemical properties and good construction many kinds of compound, the working principle of the cooling solution is to rely on inorganic colloid particles ( Less than 100 nanometers) Condensation and a binding force is generated. Coating solution additions such as carbon nanotubes with high thermal conductivity and radioactive material, can make the coating surface is smooth macro micro rough surface morphology of nano materials, can greatly increase the contact area of radiator and the outside world, significantly increased the cooling effect. At the same time to join a large number of been electron transition of spinel as composite infrared radiation, both increased the impurity level, improve the infrared radiation coefficient, and keep the corresponding thermal stability, heat resistance.                                

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