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From the five LED companies such as autoart electronic layout situation, small spacing to the development of LED display

by:Atop     2020-08-21
27 news, a few days ago, shenzhen state science and technology co. , LTD and jiangsu deaton intelligent technology co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as 'deaton intelligence') Officially signed a cooperation agreement, together with complementary advantages, the sustainable development of the strategic cooperative partnership. The strategic cooperation, will promote state intelligent technology and the patient in the small distance between the LED display and visualization business sector in-depth cooperation, both sides will combine their respective advantages and common development of intelligent industry market, by means of science and technology innovation to promote industry progress, wisdom urban construction more perfect, more beautiful! According to research experts production LED research institute ( GGII) Data in 2017, according to the small distance between the LED display market size is 5. 9 billion yuan, up 61% from a year earlier. GGII predicted that in 2018 China's small spacing LED display market is up 47%, to 8. 6 billion yuan. Enter since 2018, the permeability of the small spacing shows in business, further improve the business appears on the application of small spacing ratio could reach 60%. GGII analysts said, small spacing LED display in the business market accelerate penetration, mainstream LED lamp bead has small spacing by P2. 5 to P1. 5, and continue to greater density conversion, lamp bead demand continues to increase, at the same time, overseas small spacing LED display market began, the future LED display small spacing will continue rapid growth. Applications continue to expand, it is because of the small spacing wide space of market, actively to layout has provoked many LED display manufacturers, such as the state science and technology, leah DE, lianjian photoelectric, ao tuo electronics, powerful giant colour, lehman shares, etc. State science and technology in the first half of 2018, state science and technology industries for the full market research, in-depth excavation of the industry market and development potential and demand characteristics, for the application of LED small spacing develop a broader market space. According to the data shows, in the first half of this year state science and technology and introduced the first commercial all-in-one UTV Ⅲ series products and indoor LED series products (ultra small spacing P1。 Below zero) For further alternatives to traditional products such as projection, electronic board, LCD screen and into more application scenario for the layout in advance. In addition, in the first half of the state science and technology for national grid power company in shandong province LED display and visualization solutions become small spacing LED small spacing in the power system intelligent control command center of the country's first single floor project, the project marks the grid system consists of a single control scheduling to the management of electric power of big data visualization command center, state science and technology will display solutions leading comprehensive energy into the wisdom of the power industry. According to the results showed that in the first half of 2018, the state science and technology to reach the domestic LED display sales revenue for 7. 116 5. 4 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year growth. 05%; LED display sales of 8 overseas. 11 7. 5 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year growth. 18%. Among them, the domestic sales LED small spacing is 5. 83 0. 7 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year growth. 03%; Overseas sales LED small spacing of 4. 7. 9 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year growth of 29. 11%. Overall, the LED small spacing product sales revenue accounted for the proportion of sales revenue for 60 LED display plate. 53%. Leah Hadley's keenly certain LED a big market, small spacing take the lead in research and development and successfully to the market. It is understood that leah's original LED small spacing technology and LED hd series products, high-end market all around the world since 2012, high-speed growth each year, 2. 7 billion 2017 orders. As domestic mid-market, leah DE TV through expanding small spacing distribution pattern, make the proportion of small spacing TV improved. As of August 20, 2018, small spacing sign 22 new TV. 600 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 45. 81%; Among them, affirm income during the first half of 11. 2. 9 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 44. 04%. It is worth mentioning that leah DE took the lead in the industry, put forward the strategy of 'show a complete coverage of products'. TV in the existing LED display, LED small spacing, LED display, LED display, LCD creative leasing spell wall, on the basis of gradually introduced more innovative intelligent display products and industry solutions.
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