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Foreign media: samsung and LG have competed in the field of Micro LED

by:Atop     2020-08-09
On September 12, foreign media ChannelNews comments, samsung and LG have launched fierce competition in the field of Micro LED. In the 4 k TV has not yet universal stage, as a world-class electronic panel giants, samsung and LG have begun layout 8 k TV. This year's international consumer electronics show in Berlin ( IFA) During, samsung shows can be mass production of 8 k TV samsung Q900, including 65 inches and 75 inches, 82 inches and 85 inches four dimensions. While LG throw 175 - inch Micro LED TV won the title of the world's biggest. Because the spontaneous light of the new technology such as OLED, QLED display effect is significantly superior to the traditional liquid crystal TV, TV makers have entirely towards new technology. Market is expected by the LG lead, including SONY and sharp, a total of 15 television manufacturers will go on sale in 2018, more than 2. 5 million sets of OLED TV more than samsung and other companies to sell QLED TV combined. In view of the OLED burn-in hazard, samsung thinks the future of display technology based on Micro leds. In addition to Q900, samsung during the IFA non-public exhibition display has completed 75 inches Mirco LED product. The TV is 30 * 50 microns Micro chip of LED display panel, is expected to be listed in 2019, designed to compete with large size TV in the field of OLED TV, and LG is the powerful rival in this field. However, the launch of the 175 - inch Micro LED TV clearly show the power of LG, samsung and LG competition has been placed on the table. Good news is for samsung, LG the large size of Micro LED TV more applied in commercial scene, such as the airport and shopping centers. Sources said that LG still lay particular stress on the OLED business, this position is to avoid impact of OLED TV sales. It is reported that samsung has with China LED industry ranked the first three Ann photoelectric contracts, ensure the LED chip Micro stable supply. In addition, samsung has increased to the Micro LED panel manufacturers in Taiwan PlayNitride investment, the company has the massive headed by Micro LED chip as a technology transfer technology, bad chip detection and maintenance technology, for samsung is double insurance. Industry insiders estimate that samsung will be officially announced during the period from years CES can be mass production of Micro LED TV, promote domestic Micro LED television. This article from: the web LED China net
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