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Flexible OLED can be a killer applications of graphene?

by:Atop     2020-08-10
Since the Andre geim and konstantin carbon 2 people because '2 d graphene material pioneering experiment' Shared the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics, any news or research related to the graphene has received great attention. International, of course, also not idle, such as a sensational news reports claimed that the Spanish Graphenano company developed the world's first graphene polymeric material battery, storage battery is 3 times of the market at present the best products, provide electric with the batteries of electric cars can travel 1000 km at most, and the charging time is less than 8 minutes. However, is known as the 'king of the new material' under the graphene by the cruel reality of the altar. Last year, graphene as main business enterprises have appeared different degree of loss, facing heavy pressure to survive. Recently, an article about graphene flexible touch module combined with flexible OLED, seems to let people see the graphene could obtain a wide range of application of new hope. But this really the case? Flexible OLED can be a killer applications of graphene? Graphene flexible film too bony learned, chongqing ink when science and technology co. , LTD. , is based on graphene conductive film making flexible touch module. Chongqing ink technology co. , LTD. Relevant controller introduces, at present, flexible touch module and flexible OLED display the joint between the work has been completed, ongoing related performance tests. In February, the flexible touch display principle prototype was participated in the ministry of national new material industry development - — Results of 2017 HuiBaoZhan '. Seems the graphene conductive membrane were more and more closer to the flexible OLED. In fact, flexible touch module of conductive membrane has a variety of technical routes to choose from, such as ITO, Metal Mesh, graphene, nano silver wire, such as carbon nanotubes, graphene conductive film is one of the choice of flexible touch module solution. At present, ITO conductive film technology is mature, low cost, large global capacity, the ITO is touch display market dominance. Last four or five years, nano silver wire and Metal Mesh has been trying to challenge the ITO dominance, has failed to fulfill a wish. Flexible OLED industry now is on the rise, especially the folding screen is likely to gradually became popular in the next two or three years, which gave the Metal Mesh and graphene conductive film some opportunities. Folding screen on the bending performance has certain requirements, ITO although bendable, but bending performance is not good, easily cracked, Metal Mesh and graphene conductive film has more advantages on the bending performance. In addition, the distance between the bending part folding screen panel, need to be better than ITO conductive properties of materials to reduce the impedance, improve performance, the same to the Metal Mesh and graphene conductive film left alive. It is reported that South Korea has found a preparation method of graphene films, large size and preparation of high purity graphene films, and successfully on the transparent flexible polymer, made into a transparent electrode. But the graphene conductive film is not as Metal Mesh to mature. Literature also points out that graphene CVD law do the size of the transparent conductive film is subject to equipment performance, it is difficult to achieve large area of the preparation of transparent conductive film and film nondestructive transfer, at the same time needed for the mass production cost is high. The relevant person in charge of 2 d carbon, points out that graphene faces three problems: the process is complex, need a lot of manpower, high labor costs; There is no mature industry chain, procurement cost is higher; Large area of preparation is difficult, production yield is low. Material, high labor costs, low yield, pushing up the cost of production, graphene conductive film lack of market competitiveness. No wonder some people say: 'graphene too tall, used as conductive membrane was killed on the wheel. 'Chongqing green intelligent technology research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of the center for micro-nano manufacturing and system integration Shi Hao fly also pointed out that at present, based on the soft touch of graphene conductive membrane module and flexible OLED display in the field of global graphene is still in the phase of cutting-edge research, technical difficulty is how to make the application of graphene on the OLED to achieve more efficient. Graphene need a killer application flexible OLED for graphene enterprise still belongs to the water, and will not immediately ease the solution. Graphene enterprise is facing the great pressure.
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