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Five technical characteristics of LED grid display

Five technical characteristics of LED grid display


LED grille screen refers to a kind of LED display screen composed of light bars in the current industry, and it is also another name for light bar screens. Because its form is hollow and grid format, people in the industry call it grid screen, hollow screen, etc. This type of LED display is mainly used in outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, and building tops, as well as outdoor three-sided flip-flops, column billboards, LED curtain walls, etc.

The cross-age design of the LED grid screen breaks through the many limitations of the traditional LED display on the building and wall, making the project more flexible, more selective, and quickly and widely applied to various fields. Let’s let Lundsen Technology We will show you the advantages of LED grid screen technology and how it can bring various conveniences to the project. Due to the special structure of the product, it is different from the previous box-type LED display.

The LED grid screen has the following five technical characteristics

1. The LED grid screen is light in weight and small in wind load

For the LED grid screen, light weight is our most direct real experience. The weight of the LED grid screen of Liandexen Technology is due to the screen body grid, which allows the custom LED display to pass through the wind, so its wind load capacity is extremely strong.

2. LED grid screen with high efficiency and low power consumption

The real energy saving comes from: high-brightness, high-efficiency LED lights, and high-efficiency power supplies.

For large-area LED displays, the problem of power consumption is unavoidable. Choosing high-efficiency and high-quality LED displays is inseparable from the attitude of Lian Desen Technology to implement customers and the spirit of pursuit of quality.

3. Highly integrated LED grid screen

Highly integrated (built-in power supply and receiving card, each unit can work independently; power supply and signal one-line plug-in), a number of patented designs make the LED grid screen of Lundsen Technology beautiful and practical.

4. LED grid screen IP67 high protection level

Compared with many traditional LED display screens, the protection level will be marked, the number of front IP and how much IP, two data. However, the LED grid screen of Lundsun Technology is not needed, because the concept of IP67 is immersion and waterproof, that is, the overall product is immersed. Compared with the IP65 surface protection, it can be described as a dimensional gap.

5. LED grid screen is easy to install and maintain

No steel structure installation, no air conditioning, can be installed front or rear.

LED grille screen products are light in weight. After many years, Lundsun Technology has reached the level of the original design. It is easy to install. It can be installed before or after; the product naturally dissipates heat without air conditioning, and it can also be used through the realistic side Understand the low power consumption of the product, and the more efficient conversion of electrical energy into light energy instead of heat.

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