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Five core LED enterprises: enterprise management

by:Atop     2020-08-01
LED display industry development up to now, under the strong market competition and survival pressure, the enterprise must inside and outside and repair, constantly optimize the product research and development, manufacture and marketing, channel development power, also need efforts to improve enterprise management ability, it is also an one of the modern enterprise development one of the great cornerstones for success. As ren said, the competition between enterprises in the final analysis is the competition management. Enterprise management depends on enterprise competitiveness, and the basis of enterprise competitiveness is the core competence of enterprises. In general, can be summed up in five aspects: 1. Simply put, strategic management is strategic management for the core competitiveness of the unique management efforts. Core competitiveness of the enterprise includes three basic features: ( 1) , the core competitiveness provided into the diversified market potential; ( 2) , the core competitiveness of key contribution shall be the value of customer value. ( 3) , core competitiveness should be a rival to the ability to mimic. Obviously, these three features reflect the core competitiveness of the key factors from the perspective of the customer requirements definition of enterprise core competitiveness. Do not conform to the customer demand, not for the customer the ability of the value of the most important key contribution is not the core competitiveness. First of all, should be a deep understanding of core competence and the ability to accurately grasp the market and customer needs. Include: strategic management is conducive to learning and innovation mechanism of organization and management, team management centered decentralization flat network organization, create a dynamic incentive mechanism innovation, take the market as the guidance, take the pursuit of customer value as the center of the enterprise culture atmosphere. In the end, is dependent on both open and trusting cooperation environment. 2. Plan management plan consists of three key elements: goals, resources, and the matching relation between both. Resources are planning management objects. A lot of people understanding of the project management is associated with the target of more, usually think that goal is the object of plan management, plan management object is actually resources, resources are goal conditions, to implement plan, the only way is to obtain resources. Matching is the result of the program management goals and resources. Also can say both matching relations are criteria for measuring plan management. When has the resources to support target, plan management implemented; On the other hand, failure. When the enterprises into the international market, whether has the international talent, international channels and products that meet the international standards? Without these, empty wear one cavity is useless. 3. Process management is the key to improve the efficiency of enterprise process. Implement process management need to change the traditional management of some habits: one is to break the function management habit; The second is to develop systems thinking habit; Three is the formation of performance oriented corporate culture; Four is reasonable with the tools of modern information; ( 1) Functional departments of Chinese enterprises is largely adopted in accordance with the ancient heritage of 'self-interest orientation' instead of 'service oriented'. Therefore, must break the function area lies between habits. ( 2) Process oriented focus is the target and time, namely: to customers, the market demand as the guidance, the enterprise behavior as a set on the total process flow, to manage and control the collection, emphasize the whole process of coordination and targeted. ( 3) Formation of performance oriented corporate culture is the guarantee of process management. Management should attach importance to changing the concept of employees, let employees understand the concept of encourage each employee to participate in the process reengineering, complete management way change value employees' Suggestions, etc. ( 4) To strengthen the enterprise process management, improve the efficiency of enterprise management, created a lot of enterprise management software, Such as CRM customer management, financial software, ERP, OA, etc. ) With the tools of the information, reasonable, can effectively achieve the goal of enterprise process management. 4. Organization and management of power and responsibility has been the management need to balance the two aspects, let these two aspects in balance is to solve the problem of organization management, organization management requires two conditions: specialization and decentralization. Specialization can solve many problems, including service consciousness, the possibility of sharing, and, more importantly, specialization can eliminate people's worship of power. And decentralized system, it is to understand what is the separation of powers. Decentralization is distribution of power is no longer to recover, and authorization can be retrieved, many people like to confuse the separation of powers and the limits of authorization. 5. Culture management as Forbes to be China's falling, or backfires, Chinese people began to have wariness about wealth, people and noticed the difference between the rich and business leaders, wealth alone cannot become the backbone of the society, business leaders finally become the focus of attention. Business leaders represent the direction of the national spirit, the root of the enterprise culture of an enterprise, is the enterprise leader's way of thinking and way of management. Enterprise culture is the core of the soul, is also the essence of enterprise. With the development of the enterprise, the development of the enterprise culture generally experienced entrepreneurs character charm, Entrepreneur culture) — Team character charm, Team culture) — Enterprise character charm, Corporate culture) , to the final form social character charm, The competitive culture) 。 So the enterprise culture management will experience survival goal orientation, rules orientation, performance orientation and innovation orientation, vision oriented gradual transition, can ensure that enterprises can grow up gradually. This article from: China security network search LED show
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