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by:Atop     2020-03-18

Atop  Led Opto Electronic | appear such circumstance is what reason? LED life understanding deviation: most people think that the primary data of IC, LED screen full of high up to 100000 hours, 365 days per year, 24 hours/day, use life spans more than 11 years. So most of the customers only care with well-known LED and IC. In fact this two necessary conditions only, rather than sufficient conditions, because red, green, blue three kinds of reasonable use of the tubes, to display even more important, the different color of light bead, to get it to work best, have a good display is very important. Reasonable regulation of IC, also helps to overcome the unreasonable PCB wiring problem. Power supply temperature condition is not stable: power under the condition of different temperatures, its working stability, the output voltage and the load can also will be different, because it is laden with logistics to ensure effect, so it can ensure that directly affect the quality of the screen. Casing external planning: on the one hand, circuit protection, on the other hand is a safe, with dustproof and waterproof effect. But more important is whether the ventilation cooling system of hot loop planning outstanding, follow to boot the extension of time and outside temperature rise, thermal drift yuan equipment will also add, and then led to the variation of the quality of the picture. Summarizes three elements are related to each other, will affect the quality and full screen. So the customers in the selection screen, also want to see, make the right. Manufacturers should also automatically for the user in practical demand and operability supply better imitate plan or plan, help customers reasonable analysis, planning, make the most cost-effective plan, to become the user a reliable cooperation partner. Communication matters generally include the following: 1, clear their own demand, investment budget and forecast the best role; 2, detailed to indicate to the project demand and development planning in the future, require the seller to supply the best implementation plan, and can broaden the function of the project and broaden the budget, plan, in order to prevent formation due to project is not fit for the future development needs unnecessary resource abuse; 3, supply or demand for the project, and using the environment analysis data, speculation about can send sexual things and put forward the prevent and treatment method, and then make comprehensive evaluation in the whole project plan; 4, different LED production process, the screen assembly process and device technology experience, will directly affect the whole project schedule, cost, safety function, display effect and quality, using the stature and the cost of protection, thus advance must be from the manufacturer or the various understanding, in all aspects of the product and project features, plan to pick out the most suitable for his needs; 5, understand the strength of the manufacturers, the good faith, service content and quality, these are all projects that outstanding and the warp and woof of long time cooperation and make sure.                                

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