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Explore the ntu 20 LED companies such as photoelectric even driving factors behind the harden

by:Atop     2020-09-12
Bayesian net reported on February 14, in terms of whether it is from the stock market, or from the point of enterprise performance, industry appears to have to cold winter, many LED companies start wrapped in a quilt for the winter, from aggressive to conservative, from conservative to save, all trying to retain more temperature, survive the winter. However, in early February, industry quite accidentally broke many LED companies shares harden such as news, whether for stocks, or industry sends a positive signal. They harden behind, have what kind of driver? Beijing Oriental, ntu photoelectric - — 'Piggyback' OLED, new applications share prices peaked in February 11, treasure to release information, data will be 20 in all areas to heavy enterprise stocks single net amount, among them, the electronics field rushed in the former, while the east ( 英国央行) To heavy for first in the field, the single net 10 shares of more than one hundred million yuan, with 4. The top of $5. 8 billion. On February 12th, Beijing Oriental momentum to continue higher, harden board. According to the analysis, the harden reason for clothing into the flexible screen god gala web celebrity, flexible screen market erupted, leading to more shares harden OLED plate. Public information, information interaction and human health is one of the largest boe with wisdom port products and professional services of Internet of things, the core business including port devices, wisdom, the wisdom medical professionals. Importantly, the company or flexible OLED leading domestic enterprises, respectively in chengdu, mianyang and fz, in a 46. 5 billion article/cost, building the sixth generation of flexible AMOLED production line. In January of this year, Beijing Oriental Rohinni company deal with the United States set up a joint venture, joint production is used to display through the light source of ultra-thin micro LED solutions, promote the Mini/MicroLED product research and development progress. With position and expand the market, in the field of OLED and the advancement of new technology of LED display in the subsequent boe is expected to save more development momentum. In addition, the taste of OLED and ntu photoelectric 'sweet'. On February 11, ntu photoelectric harden board, it is understood that in the near harden up to 3 times a year. Data shows, ntu photoelectric in nanjing university's national 863 program, research achievement as a technical support of China high purity metallic organic compounds ( MO source) Industrialization base, the company main products are trimethyl gallium, trimethyl indium, trimethyl aluminum, dicyclopentadienyl magnesium and so on dozens of MO source. Not long ago, millet showed the public double flip phone, for the panel industry innovation and development provides a new direction. At present, many manufacturers have announced will be released at the end of February folding screens, the personage inside course of study says, folding mobile phone after the launch, is the first to benefit from the OLED panel makers, and produced three methyl ntu photoelectric aluminum can be used in the production of OLED. Dongshan precision, British feit - - Overall performance driven shares harden in February 11 of single net amount list, dongshan precision also become the country, with 1. 2. 2 billion was seventh, and seal the plate on the same day, harden, and according to the statistics, its shares nearly harden up to 4 times a year. Flush of finance and economics thinks, dongshan precision harden from overall performance to achieve growth in 2018. According to annual report released dongshan precision express, the company in 2018 net profit of 8. 2. 5 billion yuan, rose 56. 79%. Sheet metal with the LED encapsulation has been the dongshan precision competitive two core business. Dongshan precision as mentioned in the letters, 2018, the company printed circuit board business income of about 10 billion yuan, profit contribution and stability. In addition, the LED electronics and communications equipment business is continued ascension industry technology level, 5 g commercial deployment of unfolding and high-end production capacity steadily release positive impact, business scale and profitability to the steady growth, so as to drive profits. In 2018, dongshan precision further increase in capacity, service, etc. In the acquisition of the company, expanding production capacity, at the same time, subdivide customer needs, set the corresponding service plan. Currently, dongshan precision has been aimed at outdoor display assembly field, began to attack xu li. Its launch in October 2018 5 new products has received good feedback of customers. Also, the British flit in February 11, harden board, and the stock close to harden up to eight times a year. And harden on the reason analysis of institutions, is also due to higher overall performance. This year on January 22nd, due to report results for 2018 British feit forecast, net profit is expected to top 7255. 800000 yuan, up 190% from a year earlier. British feit says the main reason for the growth of the company according to the annual business plan in order to promote the work, increase the intensity of market promotion, to further expand sales scale, the main business development momentum is good. British feit as LED drive power supply research production and sales integration company, pays attention to product development and channel construction. To strengthen the independent research and development, and in the global scope set up subsidiaries, more perfect the channel network. British feit says, the subsequent will continue in the field of outdoor power continuously. In conclusion it can be seen that they rely on new applications and new technologies of unimodal bumps, or trust in the overall strength of consolidate accumulation, were stable in the wind and snow. Leds have been 'no play songs in everyone thinks', Mini/Micro LED, 5 g, the flexible screen is the advance of new technologies and new applications such as for the LED all the enterprises set up a new challenge, by this time, 'broken winter spring is just around the corner. ' Bayesian net
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