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Enterprise cluster layout, Mini LED domestic the 21 companies going?

by:Atop     2020-08-12
In the fight against the dominance of South Korea in OLED display, also looking for new growth point for the LED at the same time, a lot of mainland and Taiwan LED chip, packaging, panel, the downstream application and control IC manufacturers develop Mini LED related products, in order to fill the OLED panel are in short supply and solve the problem of Micro LED has not yet been commercialized. Research experts production LED research institute ( GGII) Is expected in 2018 the application of the Mini LED the size of the market is expected to reach 500 million yuan, the mobile phone backlight is the pioneer of the application of the Mini LED, as costs down, the Mini LED will gradually to permeate and medium size backlight. As a new generation of display technique, the Mini LED driven by the power has been a breakthrough. With the deepening of the r&d, many companies have launched the Mini LED related samples, many listed companies says it has the capacity of production. This paper combed the 21 domestic enterprises in the field of Mini LED layout, from the dynamic perspective, Mini LED the second half of the year is expected to usher in a boom. Three: Mini LED capacity is samsung package according to industry insiders, samsung electronics almost ordered Chinese LED epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturers all three Ann photoelectric located in xiamen MiniLED capacity, to make sure it will be in the third quarter of 2018 the large size of high-end LCD backlit chip supply. HuaCan: Mini LED Q1 has batch delivery, in respect of the Mini LED HuaCan photoelectric has been achieved. HuaCan photoelectric chairman yu, 'they said HuaCan photoelectric Mini LED products in the first quarter of 2018 has bulk shipment, monthly revenue of about million yuan, customers mainly for overseas clients. Dry photoelectric: deliver layout has been done to dry photoelectric said in investor relations activities, the Mini dry institute mainly displays in future research of LED display screen and Mini LED backlight, Micro LED display, deliver layout has been done. Predict the end of the year there will be a Mini TV or mobile phone backlight application, but the specific volume may be in a year. Crystal electricity: Mini LED is expected to Q4 small amount before shipment, crystal electricity, said the Mini LED is expected this year's fourth quarter small shipment, estimated 2020 revenue accounted for up to three to forty percent. Its Mini LED products at least one mobile phone customers, otherwise some international display companies will also produce a more than 100 inches of big screen, will use the Mini LED display screen and e-sports with 27 inches. In addition, there are many mobile phone factory is without hesitation. In addition, the wafer photoelectric will take place in the second half of 2018 for smartphones, tablets, liquid crystal display and RGB triad fine pixel pitch display backlight products of Mini LED chip, small batch trial-produce, and plans to begin production in 2019. Trillion chi shares: Mini LED can already production trillion chi shares that Mini LED and the development direction of Micro LED display technology is the future, the company has started the layout, at present, including keeping track of Micro LED chip, encapsulation and huge amount transfer technology, focus on the Mini LED at the same time, cooperation with the well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturers, have been able to mass production. The star: the second half of the Mini LED backlight production on interactive platform before the star light electric answer questions from investors, companies are developing Mini LED backlight, to accelerate the development of cooperation with international companies such as mobile phones, TV backlight application of all kinds of size, mass production is expected in the second half of the implementation; The Mini LED display, P0. 9 products have been in small batches to several display customers proofing, in June, the formal production. Crystal shares: shares had initially have production capacity in rolled yield of the product, large size display panel, and to solve the problem of color piece of surface treatment and so on are all get breakthrough, and have been on the patent for the layout of the system. Crystal Taiwan shares, said the chairman Gong Wen crystal will MiniLED/Micro LED as an important development direction, and made more than two years in this field of research. At present, has successfully overcome the COB packaging board and technical difficulties, preliminary already have the ability to mass production. Ruifeng: Mini LED products in the preparation production line Switzerland abundant photoelectric said in the latest investor relations activities, the company in 2018 Shanghai international are displayed at the new display technology a 55 inch Mini LED TV, who made the product innovation according to product award, 2018, to say the company's Mini LED backlight technology has industry-leading products. Refond optoelectronics is introduced, in addition to the large size TV backlight, Mini LED backlight products technology is also used for MLED small size backlight surface light source products and M - minimum spacing The DISPLAY product development, and has made substantial progress. And said, at present, the company's Mini LED backlight products small size acceptance of completed samples and mass production process, have the sample of the 3 k/month production capacity, is now fully automated production line. Ronda: is expected to begin in the second half of the small shipment, said ronda season 2 backlight business part is actively sprint Mini LED Once mm light emitting diode) Technology, current products, directly or indirectly from small shipment is expected to begin in the second half of the light: Q4 Mini LED product delivery is expected in the Mini LED light Ye Yinfu chairman, said the ongoing, directly or indirectly from the company is expected fourth quarter would have been shipping the Mini LED related products, mainly used in automotive and handheld devices, etc.
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