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"Earth hour", advocating the LED display business energy-saving

by:Atop     2020-06-24
"Earth hour", advocating the LED display business energy-saving "earth hour" is the WWF ( The world wide fund for nature) Response to global climate change have put forward an initiative, hope to individuals, communities, businesses and government, the social from all walks of life in every march last Saturday night at half past eight to half past nine, turn off unnecessary lights and other power equipment, to express support for action on climate change. This year, the "earth hour" in the first 10 years, and this year's "earth hour" activities will be on March 19 that is held at half past eight tomorrow evening. In the world advocate energy conservation and emissions reduction, many people voluntarily join environmental action. As one of the emerging industries, the LED itself has the advantage of energy conservation and environmental protection. However, made thousands of LED lights, display, power consumption is greatly, a piece of outdoor LED display is less a few kilowatts, many hundreds of kilowatts, a year down the power and the charge is very high. Suppose, in the "earth hour" activities, not only to be lights out for an hour, and "screen out" for an hour, more obvious contributions to environmental causes, both have the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction, and reduce the light pollution. "Of course, the whole screen out", this is not realistic, is also one of the few people can do. As in 2010, the "earth hour" activities, phoenix TV closed all domestic LED display, the economic interests of the sacrifice use practical actions to support environmental protection activities. So how do we really implement the environmental protection into practical action? Here, and some Suggestions are put forward: first, the government: carefully prepared propaganda work, strengthen supervision and management. Perfect industry standards, establish and perfect the system of laws and regulations, strengthen the formulate corresponding policies and measures, raise their awareness of energy conservation and emissions reduction. Second, LED production enterprises: 1, by improving the contrast to reduce brightness and power consumption. 2, depending on the LED display brightness day and night to red light brightness adjustment. 3, increase the voltage to improve power LED photoelectric conversion efficiency. 4, to reduce the constant current voltage, improving circuit design to reduce energy consumption. 5, and adjust the lamp bead can be perspective; Improve the luminous efficiency red chip. Three, LED display operator display area 1, reasonable planning, according to the viewing distance and viewing Angle and the surrounding environment, and display content requirements, reasonable planning and display area, rather than blindly pursue area is very large. 2, multi-level gray scale correction technology to improve the color soft, make the color looks soft color, natural transition and more comfortable viewing for the human eye. 3, can automatically adjust the brightness of the regulating system, automatic conversion is suitable for the air environment brightness, avoid the light pollution.
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