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Dry as photoelectric to investors publicly Micro/Mini LED development new trend

by:Atop     2020-08-29
Recently, several leds listed companies announced the 2017 full-year results list, the overall profitability for recovery, including dry red yellow light leading enterprises as photoelectric performance is outstanding, revenue of nearly 1. 1 billion yuan, net profit is as high as 2. 1. 1 billion yuan, up 335% year on year, attracted many investors pay close attention to. 3. 15 international consumer rights day on the same day, xiamen dry as group headquarters to investors for the first time publicly, attracted more than 40 analysts and investors to tour and the exchange, conducted an online will broadcast live. The meeting investors first visited the office buildings, workshops, etc. , then in-depth discussion. Dry as photoelectric, chairman of the fine education, general manager CAI haiphong, chairman secretary and deputy general manager liu wenhui Liu Zhao, deputy general manager, chief financial officer xing-hua peng, future display dean KeZhiJie dongming, marketing director of fire management such as staff attended the conference, to share the dry to investors, according to the current overall operation situation and future development strategy and take questions from site and online investors. Live webcast meeting, chairman of gold award) share the dry as photoelectric review video in 2017. Then, the general manager CAI haiphong to introduce participants to the dry as photoelectric operating results in 2017. General manager Mr CAI haiphong scene to share '2017 dry according to the rapid growth of the company's chip business performance explosive growth. 'CAI coastal defence, said in 2017, according to company annual report, the mother company in 2017 net profit reached 2. 100 million, up 335%; Among them, the main chip and epitaxial wafer revenue up to 10. Compared with 33, 9. 5 billion. 35%, accounting for the proportion of total revenue in 96. 88%, 25 to ascend. 45%. Marketing director Mr. Dongming fire scene to share then, marketing director of fire dongming for industry development trend forecast analysis. He pointed out that international companies to reduce capacity, domestic companies have already, make domestic chip global share rising; Micro MOCVD equipment deliveries in domestic chip manufacturers, the core equipment of localization of progress. In the future, chip manufacturers should pay more attention to improve operational efficiency, with product performance improvement and control efficiency optimization to counter a possible prices. Assembly, stem according to management separately the blue-green division: the growth of gross margin from - 5% to 33. 77% ', 'new technology and new direction: MINI and MICRO - LED the development trend of topics to share. Face the question raised by investors, according to the photoelectric top from the company in the past, present, and future several aspects has carried on the detailed answers. With a few key points: 1, 2017 dry as blue-green epitaxial wafer margin up to 33. Red yellow margin of 77%, 42. 27%. 2, 2017, yangzhou dry as 7. Plans to invest 300 million and flip chip production line has been fully operative. 3, dry as in nanchang base expansion after the future capacity to 1. 6 million/month, the first 800000 pieces per month. 4, and has set up a year according to show future research institute, mainly in research MiniLED display screen and MiniLED backlit, MicroLED showed that deliver layout has been done. 5, and predicted the end of the year there will be a Mini TV or mobile phone backlight application, but the specific volume may be in the next year. But dry as more bullish on the application of large size and the car market. 6, estimated future MiniLED and MicroLED permeability will increase 2 times for GaN capacity, which needs 20 million pieces per month. Communication meeting finally, dry as chairman of the board of directors) to do the summary to share and look forward to the future. He points out, under the background of mass production, LED chip companies compete will eventually implement compete in operating efficiency. Dry as photoelectric in the future will be careful to carry out the 'expansion plan', constantly strengthen the company's operating ability, strengthen cost control, at the same time in the scale of ascension in the competitive landscape of the future create more advantages. The fine education also said that the dry as will continue to make efforts in the LED industry upgrading direction, among them, the company will continue in the MiniLED and MicroLED betting strategy resources, expect to show in the future trend of industry leading position; Strong bullish on the future of the VCSEL opportunities, at present, the company independent research and development of VCSEL chip has successfully maser, performance standards, industrialization progress was a big step forward. This article from: China LED net
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