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Display weak market demand has been a steady rise in OLED panel market

by:Atop     2020-09-10
According to relevant data shows that despite the global market as a whole display poor performance, the global organic light emitting diode ( OLED) Panel demand is growing. Based on IHS Markit, according to the latest figures, due to the smartphone market into stagnation, liquid crystal display ( LCD) Sales fell, led to the good situation of OLED display market. By convention, LCD has been the first selection of many smart phones and mobile devices display. Display weak market demand has been a steady rise in OLED panel market in the first quarter of this year, small and medium-sized display market is slightly higher than the $11. 4 billion, year-on-year decline in $12. 7 billion 9. 8%. Much of which comes from the intelligence market demand decline. Market observers said that LCD sales fell 22% to $6. 9 billion, while sales of OLED rose 20. 3% to $4. 3 billion. This trend also showed that the liquid crystal display of all small and medium size panel of 60. 1%, to 69 a year earlier. 6%; At the same time, the proportion of OLED displays from 28 last year. 5% to 38% this year. Allegedly, samsung electronics in fact accounted for 95% of the market share of small and medium-sized OLED panel. This situation makes samsung electronics can achieve better development in the future. In the three months ending March 2018, samsung display sales of all the small and medium-sized displays in the global market share as high as 35%. This number more than the Japanese and Chinese competitors. Industry observers said, because the manufacturer will launch the flexible display device to attract more buyers, the demand of the OLED will also continue to grow. During January 2018 to march, global demand for flexible display increased 2. 6 times to 2. 9 billion. This article from: OFweek shows China LED net net
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