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Dig wood Tomlinson seven LED packaging manufacturers such as increase or decrease in performance is due

by:Atop     2020-08-23
In may, LED industry in the first quarter report finished basic has been disclosed, ledcax editor for major middle reaches the performance of packaging manufacturers, including wood Tomlinson, the star light electricity, ruifeng photoelectric, hong god, poly photoelectric, honest technology and rectangular group, overall performance, the main influence factors in addition to the content of the various results mentioned, also can be further traced back to the manufacturer in the field of various dynamic recently. Steady growth since 2017, LED the market demand, to further improve industry concentration, each big package vendor action even constantly: expansion in emerging markets, acquisition of mergers and acquisitions, layout, etc. , these operating not only boost the growth, but also enables companies to see the development of the middle market potential and prospect. In the seven companies listed, the revenue side, wood Tomlinson, honest science and technology, hong god remit, the star light electric and poly photoelectric achieving positive growth, while Switzerland abundant photoelectric and rectangular group decreased compared to the same; Net income, in addition to together fly photoelectric net profit declined, the remaining six companies have varying degrees of growth. Among them, encapsulation leading domestic manufacturers of wooden Tomlinson, revenue, profit for seven highest, achieve revenue 20 in the first quarter. 2. 3 billion yuan, rose 31. 70%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 1. 6. 6 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 24. 94%. For the reason of the revenue growth, wood Tomlinson said, mainly to expand production and expand the market influence. In fact, as early as in the earlier this year, wood Tomlinson's announcement, said the company in January received the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission on MLS Co. , ltd. approved batch of 'green bonds, agree with company public green bonds does not exceed 1. 5 billion yuan, the cash 1 billion yuan annual output of 100 billion light-emitting diodes ( 领导) The reconstruction project. Previously, the collection consulting LED research center ( ledcax) New report pointed out that the wooden Tomlinson in global LED encapsulation revenue ranking in 2017, from seventh place in 2016 climbed to the fourth, is also benefit from the capacity expansion. In addition, the April reports pointed out that the wooden Tomlinson auto LED field, combined will begin from Taiwan, China, it is reported that Taiwan's wood Tomlinson tied with the Taiwan lamp factory cooperation, early to cut into the back light and the direction of the lamp after market is given priority to. From global LED encapsulation revenue rankings in 2017 found that the starlight electricity due to the expansion of production capacity, high revenue impact, ranking climbed to the top ten. And due to the expansion of business sales revenue increase, and parent-subsidiary are constantly optimize the product structure, improve the proportion of high value-added products, the star power in the first quarter also hand over a good report card, business income of 8. 2. 1 billion yuan, year-on-year increase of 25. 79%; A 80. 39 million - yuan net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies, year-on-year growth of 55. 32%. In addition, investors in the q&a session last week, the star light electric executives said the company continued to chip technology innovation, enhancing core technology, the chip to encapsulate the chip areas should play the role of strategic support, now get good grades. As for the new display technology, the Mini LED display products in development stage, and will further Micro LED chip and the development of related technologies. Revenue in the third hong god send, 1 q18 achieve revenue 8. 7. 4 billion yuan, rose 26. 24%; Implement attributable to parent company owners net profit of 92. 58 million yuan, rose 16. 07%, relatively stable overall growth. Hong said god remit, LED steady growth in market demand, the sustainable development of the company's business scale and maintain stability of the main business growth. At the same time, the company in the level gauge LED encapsulation, Mini LED, the VCSEL and other professional applications increased investment, affects the higher growth in the first quarter of 2018 net profit. In addition, according to the results, according to hong, the future will be to extend the LED car business. Is not hard to find, in addition to LED encapsulation main business, hon, vigorously layout of LED auto market in recent years, and has been around the LED lamp projects such as frequent signed a cooperation agreement. Switzerland abundant photoelectric Q1 revenue although slightly in 5. 83%, but the net profit or achieve the growth of more than 40%, the refond optoelectronics, says the company pays attention to innovation, constantly optimize the product structure, product in the first quarter gross margin level has been further improved. For this year and the layout of the future, Switzerland abundant photoelectric released in April expansion and investment plans of new display technology. According to the announcement, the company intends to the total amount of money raised through issuance of convertible bonds may not exceed 46797. 400000 yuan, With 46797. 400000 yuan) And SMD LED encapsulation expansion project, the Mini LED packaging production projects, the Micro LED technology r&d center project as well as the added liquidity. , Switzerland abundant photoelectric pointed out that the expansion of the SMD LED packaging production capacity, can solve the company's existing production line capacity bottlenecks, further meet the demand of the market, at the same time to improve economies of scale, reduce production costs, improve profitability; And Mini LED, Micro leds have broad market prospects, the company timely seize industry development opportunities, is conducive to gain first mover advantage. In a quarterly seven packaging manufacturers, only honest science and technology in the first quarter revenue and net profit growth than doubled, about nine operating income. 6. 8 billion yuan, ranked second. For the reason of the revenue growth, honest science and technology, said the main is xinli media during the reporting period consolidated in scope and advertising media leads to increased income. It is worth noting that honest science and technology announced in March this year, said the company intends to acquire stakes in two pairs of enterprise, and the two companies are domestic outstanding engineering design and construction of integrated company.
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