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Development period, lehman photoelectric layout actively COB LED small spacing display field

by:Atop     2020-08-19
LEDinside11 month 23, LED small spacing ( ≤P2。 5) Display products from birth to now, has experienced a rapid growth of the double every year a few years ago, and the Chinese manufacturer's market pattern, is still maintaining high growth, in 2018, according to researchers LEDinside indoor small spacing ( ≤P2。 5) The size of the market is about 19. $9. 7 billion, the annual growth rate as high as 39%, mainly from the future trend of the ultra small spacing of continuous fermentation, forecasts its CAGR of 28% from 2018 to 2022. Spacing to differentiate by the points of small spacing LED displays, 2018 global LED small spacing camp to close most of spacing is coming to P1. 2 ~ P1。 6, accounted for about 39%, as consumers to display requirements gradually improve, along with the cost of falling further, over the next few years P1. 2 ~ P1。 6 as well as the smaller distance between P1. 1 the following products will be the most growth momentum, forecast in 2018 ~ 2022 CAGR of 32% and 62% respectively. Global LED small spacing display the size of the market forecast in recent years, with the Mini/Micro LED ultra small spacing according to the development of technology, market pattern is slowly changing in ultra small spacing ( ≤P1。 0) Display area, display manufacturers at home and abroad launched spacing for P0. 7 ~ P0。 9 products, active layout ultra small spacing display areas, including many traditional panel makers are also actively join the 'for future show that say' commercial war, by the means such as capital, technology development and related products, open up channels to grab the market. According to the LED display application scenario for the small spacing to differentiate, can be roughly divided into radio application, security monitoring, business and education, retail, public areas and transportation, hotels and theaters six categories. From the perspective of, at present the application of LED display screen largest small spacing from business and education, probably accounted for 39%, commercial retail second, accounted for 19%; From the perspective of the growth of the future, along with the commercial display gradually mature, cost-effective, forecast the market and most application fields of space to grow up. The LED ultra small spacing ( ≤P1。 0) The narrowing of mainstream packaging technology compared with Pitch for traditional SMD package form, because the single LED device is too small, the machining accuracy and process the difficulty increase, restricted by the existing level of precision equipment and auxiliary equipment, the current indoor small spacing encapsulation products maintain in 0606 LED to mass production has been close to its physical limits. SMD compared with COB packaging technology structure compared with SMD encapsulation, COB has many advantages, which can effectively avoid the SMD LED encapsulation of small spacing due to the environment or human factors such as moisture, static light, the problem of bad light death; Luminous uniform, approximate surface light source, can effectively eliminate the Moore lines, reduce glare and harsh sense; Relative to the SMD through four solder heat dissipation, COB LED directly to mount on the PCB, directly through the PCB cooling, cooling effect is good; COB technology to cancel the SMD supports and SMT reflow soldering link, without risk of welding, higher reliability, COB for surface protection, can withstand greater force, so can reduce the cost of subsequent damage and repair. Now, of course, COB on cost is higher, RGB LED chip is placed on the PCB, using vinyl fixed, more than the cost of open mould, scale after the cost could be reduced. SMD and COB packaging technology show that performance contrast relevant domestic manufacturers continue to display the current display manufacturers with COB small spacing are also actively develop COB packaging used in small spacing, and related products, such as domestic firms, lehman shares in COB small spacing of P0 spacing can be mass-produced products. 9 / P1。 2 / P1。 5 / P1。 9, the future can realize P0. More than 5 point spacing. Compared with other display manufacturers, in addition to lehman has more than a decade of display manufacturing experience, the main advantage is that lehman has 14 years of experience in advanced LED packaging, as well as the accumulation of four years of COB technology research and development, relying on the rich experience in packaging and display technology accumulation, its products in terms of reliability, color saturation, color consistency performance outstanding, has been widely used in security, military industry, business and other fields. Lehman photoelectric small spacing COB hd display has been successfully applied to the command center, monitoring center, conference room and so on display technology involving multiple links, lehman around COB technology integration innovation from the whole industry chain, including the LED chip wavelength, intensity correction; Meet the high reliability and long term application of PCB technology; Satisfies the requirement of high integration COB display driver IC; Meet the correction of splicing screen color consistency requirements; On the packaging technology USES the lens die molding process to reduce batch difference. By solving COB new problems to improve the technical progress of the whole display industry chain. Lehman photoelectric around high industrial chain and the display quality of COB, according to the technical innovation in addition to the current small spacing about future Mini and Micro LED display technology, lehman has corresponding planning, is expected to launch P0 next march. 9 the Mini LED, in the second quarter of 2019 is expected to launch P0 inversion process. 6 mini LED, in 2020 is expected to launch Micro LED, in addition, COB display technology is an important technology of the Micro LED technology component. Currently in LED COB small spacing small spacing market share less than 5%, with ever increasing market recognition of COB display technology, and the development of the display fine trend, COB small spacing is expected to further expand the market space in the future. LEDinside
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